BHK Signature amplifier and Signature preamplifier

Black Friday Sale

For those shopping-challenged people, like me, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. It’s become traditional to offer some sort of one-day price reduction on Black Friday which, this year, falls on November 24th.

Not to be outdone by convention, PS Audio is having a day-before Black Friday sale beginning at noon on Thursday, November 23d and extending the entire week through Thursday, November 30th.

This one week sale is your chance to save big on the entire BHK line of products including the Stereo 250 and Signature 300 monoblock amplifiers, as well as the Signature preamplifier. This is the first (and likely the only) time we’ll reduce the price on each of these must-have products, so head to our website or contact your dealer or country’s distributor for details.

Regardless of your source, it is the analog amplification chain that will largely determine how your system sounds. If you’re looking for perfection and magic, I cannot recommend BHK any higher. They are all I listen to on the mighty IRSV in Music Room One and the secret to all the “oohs and aahs” we get from first-time listeners.

And don’t forget, we offer 100% free shipping and a no-hassle 30-day return policy. Heck, we even cover shipping if you want to return the product. Doesn’t get a whole lot easier than that.

It’s time to step up to a BHK system.

Are expensive amps overkill?

Power amplifiers range from the low cost to the absurdly expensive and everywhere in between. And what’s unfortunate about power amplifiers is how little attention is paid them. For most people, their amps are the last piece to get an upgrade. Flashier, faster-paced technology like DACs, transports, even cables often get more attention than the amp driving everything—and that is a shame, given their importance.

But what happens when your speakers aren’t quite up to where you want them to be? Is an expensive amplifier overkill or a necessity? Do great amps make mediocre speakers sing, or are the potential improvements wasted? This is an often asked question that we tackled in Paul’s Daily Post. You can read my thoughts on the matter here.

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Why so much snake oil in audio?

There’s snake oil, fake news, and wild claims in every industry you can think of and high-end audio’s no different. But why? And is our beloved industry more prone to snake oil than others? You can watch my video on the subject by clicking here.  And coming up on Ask Paul, the history of PS Audio in a two-part series.

Why so much snake oil?

Copper Magazine

Rock and Roll legend Jay Jay French treats us to the great 1967 psychedelic album shootout, the music of Leopold and his Fiction and Flat Worms too, we interview recording great Kavi Alexander, Geezerpalooza, and why my system doesn’t sound right. And if those articles weren’t enough, coming soon Souther Italian Wines. It’s Copper Magazine, the world’s most interesting free publication.

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The highest note in New York

Few people alive have the potential to reach the note now winning Audrey Luna accolades in the operatic world: the A above high C—a note so dizzyingly high, so astoundingly rare, that archivists say New York’s Metropolitan Opera has never heard it in 140 years – at least, not since her last performance.

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Printing circuits

Fully functional electronic circuits can now be 3D printed thanks to a pioneering breakthrough by researchers at Nottingham University.

The circuits contain electrically-conductive metallic inks and insulating polymeric inks that are produced in a single inkjet printing process where UV light solidifies the inks.

According to the university, the technique paves the way for the electronics manufacturers to produce fully functional components—perhaps entire amplification chains someday. Can you imagine ordering your favorite high-end product and having the manufacturer print it for you? Perhaps it may someday be possible to even download your favorite product and print it yourself.

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