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Thanks to the hard work of our DirectStream Memory Player Beta testers as well as our dedicated team of programmers, DMP is just about ready. If you’ve been keeping up with the forums and its progress it’s not been easy, but we’re just about done.

With today’s release of firmware we’re thrilled with the product’s performance and functionality. Shipping should begin within a few weeks for those that have preordered.

For those of you unfamiliar with DMP, it is our revolutionary new CD/SACD/Universal transport that breathes new life into your disc collections, and its praise has been rather gratifying.

“Well, so much for a protracted shoot-out between the PWT and the DMP. It took about 15 seconds to understand what Paul has being saying about the improvement in Red Book CD’s…”

“No comparison with PW Transport – far superior even on normal CD’s…clarity and presence on SACD Brothers in Arms is amazing”

“The DMP amounts to the single greatest leap in enjoyment and sound quality that I have ever experienced from a new audio component.”

“With Redbook discs the quality of mastering has become very noticeable and with the DMP’s dynamic reproduction the soundscape is vibrant. . . or rippling calm. . . or richly resonant.”

“The results are so amazing I find it hard to describe them. I am hearing things on some well known recordings that I have never heard before. Ambience, transparency, black background, soundstage, all superior!!!”

“The first thing I noticed – and this was immediately after I plugged it in – was what others have reported – piano’s actually sound something like a real piano. “

“With only a few hours playtime the DMP has already shown itself to be a far superior extractor and conveyor of data than the PWT, Bridge II, or Auralic Aries.”

“I knew during the first track of the first CD that I played, that this player would replace my PWT. The PWT was and still is a great transport. But, the DMP is just so much more musically enjoyable.”

“I did not expect too much and thought that the DMP would require a significant break-in period also. I could not have been more wrong. I find the improvements over my the original PWT which I had owned since 2009 to be striking.”

“to be honest I was somewhat shocked how good it sounded. Without going into the usual descriptions, i have what sounded like a real band in front of me, the sound stage pushed forward, back and laterally 3 feet, the kick drum thumped into my chest and each instrument is now clearly discernible, in its own space with wonderful decay.

“With CD, forget it, not even close. The DMP blows away the 16 bit files of the same recording from the Aurender. The cd files sounds a bit flat and veil. I’m using the Aurender with the DirectStream dac since the Aurender does not have a built in dac. I’m also using the top USB cable from Cardas with the Aurender. Hard to believe CD can sound so good.”

There’s many, many more customer reviews online here.

We’re almost good to go! Contact your dealer or PS Audio direct and get in line today.

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Balanced Audio

There are so many myths and misconceptions when it comes to balanced audio that Paul’s Post is going to tackle the subject and straighten us out. What are its advantages? How does it work? Do you really need twice the circuitry? If so, why? Join those who get their daily dose of high end audio, fun and information.

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Copper Magazine

Copper Magazine’s better than ever. We now have more than 7,000 subscribers and growing daily. “This is the best read in audio!”

Issue 19. Copper tours Devore Fidelity, Fretting about fretboards, an amazing one man band, That Listening Thing, Doc Watson, That Subwoofer thing and much, much more.

Issue 20. iTunes goes classical—a primer how to get the most from it, remembering Leon Russell, Stevie Wonder, Weathers turntable and cartridge, Sacred Ground listening room.

Copper is cost free, ad free, popup free, and committed to nothing more than great articles without an attitude.

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Using audio to see

It’s tough for the visually impaired living in a sighted world. Now, there may be hope for them.

Scientists have developed a clever way to analyze video and convert those images into sounds the wearer can rely upon to navigate. Faces, objects can be identified by sophisticated software and relay that information to the user.

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Carbon nanotubes outperform silicon

For the first time, scientists have built a transistor out of carbon nanotubes that can run almost twice as fast as its silicon counterparts.

This is big, because for decades, scientists have been trying to figure out how to build the next generation of computers using carbon nanotube components, because their unique properties could form the basis of faster devices that consume way less power.

“Making carbon nanotube transistors that are better than silicon transistors is a big milestone,”said one of the team, Michael Arnold, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. “This achievement has been a dream of nanotechnology for the last 20 years.”

We may someday enjoy music amplified through these new carbon based transistors.

Stay tuned.

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