Happy Thanksgiving

In much of North America November’s the month we celebrate Thanksgiving. For some it’s eating a lot of food, others, a time of family, friends, good cheer, reflection, or all of the above.

Our friend Seth Godin had an idea for a new tradition. He published a free reader filled with stories of inspiration, generosity, hope and good thoughts. The idea is to ask each person at the dinner table to read one of the stories, sharing good cheer and good will amongst family and friends. I think it’s a great idea and if you’d like a copy, download The Thanksgiving Reader. It’s free, there’s no ads, just a generous book filled with good things–like you find at the dinner table.

PS Audio will be closed for the four day holiday starting this Thursday. The McGowans are all meeting for dinner at our son’s home where we’ll play with the grandkids, spend time with family, and figure a way to make happy both the carnivores and vegetarians that populate our annual gathering.

From all of us at PS Audio, the best of song, music, cheer, food, drink and love.

Computer Music: how does it work?

Few things seem to both confuse and delight Audiophiles more than getting music out of their computers; vinyl or digital. From figuring out what FLAC, OGG, WAV, AIFF, MP3, MPEG mean–and which is best to use–to learning which music management system like iTunes, JRiver, Roon, Songbird, and others is best to use, we have started a series of daily posts that explains it all.

Paul’s Posts, the daily musings on audio, music, the industry, and all things related to building and maintaining a great music system, has begun a multipart series on computer audio – the ins, the outs, how it works, what’s best to use.

Truth is, there’s few things in life more enjoyable than discovering the treasure buried inside your music library; vinyl or digital. Even if your library’s small, 500 or fewer albums and CDs, each with ten tracks, that still means you have at least 5,000 songs at your disposal. How many do you actually listen to? An easy to use library management system brings more music into your home – but it’s a confusing subject.

Sign up for Paul’s Posts and get a handle on all you need to know. And once there, we encourage you to read and contribute to the wealth of comments and questions that accompany the daily posts. See you there!

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Classical gifts 2015

As the winter holidays approach, I get one more chance to evangelize on behalf of music I enjoy. Some of my suggestions may also help if you’re trying to think of good gifts.

Musicologist Lawrence Schenbeck shares with us his choices for best classical music of 2015.

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Robb & TAS

The Robb Report is a worldwide high-end magazine that reports on the best of the best and to our delight, they’ve included Sprout among their picks. That’s quite an honor.

Call it love at first sight. Simply put, I adored this little integrated amp from PS Audio straight out of the box. Julie Mullins writes a glowing report on PS Audio’s amazing, and affordable, integrated amplifier. Check out Julie’s review, now online.

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Hi Rez Audio

PS was among the first to support high Rez audio: our PerfectWave Transport, network Bridge, PerfectWave DAC. But we also recognize some DACs, like DirectStream, can come close–very close–with just CDs.

Reviewer John Darko writes a fascinating article entitled 12 reasons why Hi-Rez Audio will never go mainstream.

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