Our very best release yet!

This recording is the best sounding piece of music from any of my sources. I have a low six-figure system… Wilson, dCS, c-j class A, and you can really enjoy the beauty of the recording.Bob Coppersmith.

Volume One of Octave Records Audiophile Masters contains ten of the best recordings we have ever made. From the beautiful piano stylings of Don Grusin, the rich and fiery guitar work of Kyle Donovan and Taylor Sims, the soul-searching beauty of Cellist Josh Halpern’s bowing, to the ethereal beauty of Saffron from The Color of Music, this collection of original DSD recordings is a hand-curated sonic delight.

Volume One of the Audiophile Masters has something for every music lover that wants to stretch the sonic limits of their system. Recorded exclusively on the multitrack Sonoma DSD and mastered by Gus Skinas, each of these musical gems will become essential listening material.

It is available now, but not for long. This is one not to miss out on!

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Octave Studios

Octave Studios is a passion project. Ever since Terri and I met back in 1973 in Munich Germany we have been itching to have our own studio again.

I say again because for those who have read my memoirs, 99% True, you’ll know the sad story of how we had connected with record producer and musician, Giorgio Moroder, to open up a studio and produce music for him. Terri’s never quite forgiven me for the fiasco I caused that got us instead sent to Columbus Georgia—which ain’t Munich Germany. 🙁

In any case, better late than never. Octave Records™ has been producing great work out of a leased studio but now it’s time to get rockin’ on building a new state-of-the-art recording facility.

So you know what we’re up to we have two videos to share. The first is our intro walk-through at the new building: a dilapidated manufacturing facility in serious need of a rebuild. The second is a shorter video we made after the demo crew hit a fire sprinkler and all hell broke loose.

Have fun and we will keep you up to date as progress moves forward on the new studio.

Watch the New Studio video
Watch Disaster at Octave Studio averted

Audiophile’s Reference Guide Package

“Hard to imagine that setup alone would have made this much difference. I am shocked. Thank you.”

We’re now running a 4th printing of the Audiophile’s Guide and soon to receive a fresh batch of discs to complete the package. Last I looked we’d delivered more than 5,000 copies. What’s made me ever so happy is the continuing stream of thank you notes. Thank you notes from customers who have found amazing improvements in their system’s performance. It doesn’t take but a Saturday afternoon to make magic with your system. If you haven’t yet gotten your copy, the new batch should be arriving soon.

The book and its companion CD are available together as an easy-to-grab package by going here

Get the most out of your system

Copper Magazine

In this issue: Rudy Radelic concludes his series on the jazz music of Henry Mancini. Ken Sander hits the road with the touring company of Superstar. John Seetoo interviews Dr. Fang Bian of HIFIMAN and Russ Welton talks with producer, film composer and musician C.J. Vanston. Tim Riley offers a definitive take on the new John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band – The Ultimate Collection. J.I. Agnew continues his The Giants of Tape series with a look at the Ampex ATR-104 at David Glasser’s Airshow Mastering. B. Jan Montana has a strategy for accomplishment.

Are you a hard-core record collector? I begin a series that asks the question. Anne E. Johnson covers the careers of the Doobie Brothers and reed man Illinois Jacquet. Tom Gibbs digs deeper into streaming audio. Ray Chelstowski talks with pop songwriter extraordinaire Richard X. Heyman, and Rich Isaacs concludes his interview with synthesizer pioneer Dr. Patrick Gleeson. Russ Welton looks at subwoofer setup. We conclude the issue with orchestral maneuvers, vertical integration, a head trip and some reflection.

Copper is cost-free, ad-free, and committed to great articles without an attitude.

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Unexpectedly good sounding systems

Over my nearly half-century of designing, building, and setting up high-end audio systems I’ve heard some of the best in the world. Some of those systems cost many millions of dollars, while others were of a more humble type.

They all sounded different. Some were jaw-droppingly good, others not so much, but all were a treat to be shared and I have always been appreciative for the opportunity to share with members of our HiFi Family. 

The most important thing was they all made music and they all brought their owners joy and a sense of well earned pride.

But what about my most unexpected experience? What have I found in all these many years that just blew me away in the most unexpected of places?

Watch the video to find out. You might just be surprised.

Watch the film

HMV by Banksy

Reader Rick Becker sent me this tongue-in-cheek art piece by the famous (and mysterious) Banksy. It’s a picture of my favorite dog, Nipper, firing a bazooka at an old Gramophone.


The print first appeared as a painting in the early 2000s in different sizes and background colors and was later released in print format.

There is room for a number of interpretations with this Banksy print. One could be that Banksy is taking a jab at old and outdated ways of thinking and accumulating experience. Another interpretation could be about the tension and differences between today’s aging populace and the young.

Banksy has provided album artwork for several bands over the years and so he may be commenting on the losing battle of music retailers in the digital era.

If you’re nuts enough to own your own copy of this work there’s one for sale at Sotheby’s Auction house for $10K.

Buy your own copy


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