One of the coolest products we’ve ever made is Sprout, the amazing integrated that requires nothing more than a pair of speakers to make music.

Sprout began when my son, Scott, asked if there wasn’t some way he could bundle everything in Music Room One—including the IRSV—into a single box the size of a novel he and his friends could afford. That request led Scott on a two-year journey with full access to PS Audio’s engineering team. He never managed to squeeze in the 1.2 tons of the IRSV but he did get all the electronics needed to make wonderful music.

Four years and many thousands of Sprouts later, Scott’s just now launched its successor, Sprout100, and it’s going to set a new standard in affordable integrated music systems.

As its name implies Sprout100 has double the power of its predecessor, now sporting 100 watts per channel. It has a new and improved ESS Sabre DAC, a redesigned analog phono stage, a subwoofer output and, get this, a remote control.

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Munich High-End Show

Of all the audio shows on the planet, the Munich High-End show is the biggest. Copper Magazine’s editor, Leebs, took a week out of his busy schedule and traveled to Munich where he photographed a lot of the show and interviewed plenty of luminaries.

We’ve put together a short video of his journey for those of you that did not have a chance to spend time at the annual event. A word of caution, our lovable Roy Hall is at it again with his dangerous sense of humor and not everyone’s thrilled at his jokes.

It’s a fun romp through one of the best shows in the world.  Have fun watching.

Watch Leeb’s trip to Munich

Everything on film is a lie

Movies are part of the visual arts but just as important to their impact is sound. Imagine watching a film without the sound. It’s be pretty empty. In this fascinating and informative TED Talk, sound designer Tasos Frantzolas shares with us the secrets of sound design for film. You’ll learn how designers choose celery to mimic the breaking of bones or Saran Wrap unraveling for a sound of a cigarette burning. Fascinating stuff and well worth the viewing.

Watch the video

Copper Magazine

“Lida Mary Carmichael was married to Ralph Cramden.  OK, not actually Ralph but a dreamer named Howard Clyde Carmichael.  In 1899 some circus folk came through town and stayed at the Carmichael’s for a spell.  They were called the Hoaglands and the visit was apparently a doozy.  After the troupe left Mary gave birth to a son.  They named the boy Hoagland Howard.  Must’ve been one hell of a party.

Hoagy Carmichael was born in 1899″

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Unexpected beauty

Ever wonder about the origins of opera, or song and music? Experience how nature provides the genesis of tunes, and sounds we call music in this fascinating video.

Using examples from birdsong, the natural lilt of emphatic language and even a cooking pan lid, singer-songwriter and TED Fellow Meklit Hadero shows how the everyday soundscape, even silence, makes music. “The world is alive with musical expression,” she says. “We are already immersed.”

Watch the video

Inside Seoul’s Unlikely Obsession: Analog

Above the small café and underground concert hall that’s hosted Sting and Elton John is a tall, narrow room framed by a wall of windows on one side and more than 10,000 vinyl records spread across two stories on the other. The albums include pop hits by artists like Adele and John Mayer; early jazz classics; rare soul editions (Paul Jackson’s jazz-funk masterpiece Black Octopus); and even rarer Korean gems, like the 1970s psychedelic band He-6’s Go Go Sound ’71, featuring a cover of “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida.” Nine Pioneer turntables face the desk from which librarians and an in-house DJ curate the collection.

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