Sweet combo

Few products we have ever made are as sweet as the combination of the DirectStream Memory player and the DirectStream DAC (which will be updated for free in another week). Together, these two products best anything I have yet heard—and I have heard a lot of things!

DMP helps you rediscover your CD collection in ways few thought possible. Stereophile reviewer Steven Plaskin writes in his review: “PS Audio has designed a disc player that will reinvigorate the life of large CD and SACD collections with exceptional sonic performance.”

True enough but until you experience what this magical player can do, words have trouble characterizing just how good it sounds. I just wish those of you reading these word had a chance to visit Music Room One in Boulder so I can show you first hand. It’s that dramatic.

Reviewer Jeff Dorgay of Tone Audio writes in his review: “I can’t think of a better digital disc player than the PS Audio DirectStream Memory Player and DAC. If I had more than two thumbs to raise I would offer them, it’s that good. The only remaining choice is whether you want silver or black.”

Sure, we’re all excited about streaming and Tidal but, truth be told, don’t you still have a large CD collection to play? I do. There’s just nothing on the market even close to DMP’s performance.


Secret lives

Why are we as a group so secretive about our passion for high-end audio? It seems odd that the immense joy our craft brings us that we wouldn’t want to stand atop the tallest building and shout to the world how great music can sound in our homes. And yet, most of us hold our systems close to the vest. We’ve been looking at the reasons behind these secrets on Paul’s Post.

Paul’s Post has also been looking at the differences between balanced cables and single ended and which are better. We’ve also examined the price equals performance trap, the value of our mistakes, separating fact from fiction, and I share with my readers an aha! moment of speaker setup that miraculously improves systems within minutes.

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Copper Magazine

Find out why 96,000 people can’t be wrong when it comes to a group of musicians you should be listening to. Read about it here.

Issue 32. Jack the dripper, Silence isn’t silence, High-end audio retales, Hannah McPhillimy, Toon Town, Thurston Moore and Father John Misty, Audiophile Therapy, Neil Young.

Issue 33. Why do we care, sample rate conversion, Talent swarm, Pura Fe’, Caldara, More trouble at Sears, and we interview Chad Kassam.

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BHK reviewed

“PS Audio’s BHK Signature preamp is one of the finest audio components I’ve had in my home. It didn’t raise the dead, but it could conjure in my listening room the spirits of dead musicians, or fine facsimiles thereof. It didn’t solve my problems, but it could sure distract me from them—and, with the right recordings, even trigger catharsis or philosophical insight.”

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GCD reviewed

There’s no way around it, this is one hell of a lot of value packed into a single chassis. And the sound is as good or better than you are going to get for the price–especially when you consider the Stellar is both a DAC and a preamp. It provides outstanding, modern digital conversion as well as clean analog source selection and volume control. And it does so without adding noticeable noise or veiling, and without removing detail, depth, or tone color. Aside from a couple usability quirks, its operation was flawless, and the build quality is exceptional. Highly recommended!

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