BHK Signature Preamp Ships

The long awaited mate to the BHK Signature Power Amplifiers, the BHK Preamplifier is finally shipping out the door.

The beta group are the first to leave and, if all goes according to plan, the next batch will be hand signed units shipping a month later (a few reservations are still available).

This is pretty exciting stuff as finally, after years of hard work, this hand crafted masterpiece is ready for prime time. And it is a magnificent sounding preamplifier.

I have been fortunate to have been listening to it now for nearly 6 months as we perform final voicing, tube selection, work the kinks and bugs out of the display and system.

If you’re interested in reading about one of the finest preamplifiers ever built, click the link and read the entire story. It’s worth your time.

Read about the BHK Signature

Torreys Update

If you’ve been reading Paul’s Posts you know about the talk of the town, Torreys. Torreys is one of Colorado’s beautiful fourteen foot peaks, but more to the point is a new operating system for DirectStream and DirectStream Junior.

Torreys breaths new life into DirectStream DACs and it is free. Like getting a brand new DAC. We’re just finishing up the beta testing which, if you’re a DirectStream owner you can still try it out by going here.  The final release will be available on our Downloads Page sometime later this week. Torreys for DirectStream Junior will also be available shortly thereafter. I’ll announce both in Paul’s Post.

Torreys is by far the single biggest improvement to the sound of music yet. I can’t wait until you hear the improvements it brings to music. Torreys also sets the stage for Roon Ready if you have the Bridge II installed. More on that in Paul’s Posts as well.

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BHK Review

Ever wonder what it might be like to audition one of the best sounding amplifiers ever built, right in your own system? Dave Clark from Positive Feedback magazine just had this experience and decided the amplifier wasn’t going anywhere after the review.

“The BHK 250 rocks and does so with a nimble presence that puts the music in the room with you. Neither forward nor recessed, the presentation is, for me, spot on. Fast and coherent, extended and dynamic… The BHK 250 is smooth and airy on top with a stellar soundfield.

I can’t recommend the BHK 250 enough. Like I said I bought this one and it is now here between the speakers with the Claytons off on a rack. 

I am one happy camper. Are there better amps? Well, no doubt, Different for sure. And I am under the impression that the intent here was to build the best PS Audio and Bascom King could envision, but at $7.5k they obviously created a ceiling of sorts. Personally I don’t give a rat’s rear as I am not the sort to review components and gear that I could never afford to buy. No interest really. At the asking price I will say that the BHK 250 is as good as I have ever heard here, and that is good enough for me.”

Read the review

Copper Magazine

Issue 6 , and Issue 7, of Copper have both published since our last newsletter. Copper’s growing in popularity and hopefully you’ve had a chance to read our free online magazine about music and audio. Copper hasn’t any ads, Copper doesn’t promote our products or anyone else’s for that matter.

In Issue 6,  Seth Godin writes about how the prospect of MQA has him all atwitter; Richard Murison explores the etymology of “dither”; Dan Schwartz examines the anti-existential angst of what you DON’T have to be; Lawrence Schenbeck goes back to Bach; Duncan Taylor writes about another fab four; and WL Woodward –sets the wayback machine for 1969

In Issue 7, we open Pandora’s Box with a scathing piece by former TAS reviewer AGB, Seth Godin writes his farewell piece, a memorial for the late Richard Beers, the history of AR, and 10 forgotten artists you’ve likely…forgotten.

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A Classical Collective

Primephonic offers an extensive catalogue of classical music for you to explore. The catalogue provides access to thousands of tracks from the world’s leading classical music labels. Their mission seems to be delivering high quality music files that get as close to the original masters as possible. An uncensored and uncondensed classical music experience, available to you. We think they’ve done well.

Check out Primephonic

For sale. 937 CDs

“Hemingway himself might have shed a tear at the heartbreaking story unfolding in my living room last week. A lifetime’s hoard of albums, EPs, singles – some of which had been dragged through every home I had ever lived in, many of which had done little more than sit in their boxes once they got there, wondering when I’d finally find a place with proper central heating – were about to depart….”

Read Tim Jones account of selling his CDs published in the Guardian.

Read the article

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