Munich video released

Scott McGowan and I travelled to Munich Germany for the 2014 High End Audio show.  As promised, I shot another video for you and added a pretty cool soundtrack you can enjoy while watching.  If you’re familiar with our videos, they’re fun, you get to see a great view of the show, what was new, cool and odd.  Shots of the new Sprout, the Raidho speakers and DirectStream are included, plus some great footage of setup and teardown.  Click here to watch.

DirectStream DACs delivered

DirectStream DACs are out the door and getting into our customers hands right on schedule.  If you haven’t received yours yet, it shouldn’t be long.  As promised, all current orders for DS will be filled by the end of June and we’re now taking preorders for July deliveries.  This applies to upgrade kits as well as completed units.  So if you’ve been hanging around waiting for the opportunity to discover all that’s missing in your library, take the plunge.  Call your dealer or head to the website.  Our trade-up program is still in place.

DirectStream’s first review

“PS Audio has perhaps achieved the impossible with the DS.”

“The DS is a game changer; I think it has caused the ‘war’ between DSD and PCM to be on hold or mute for most of us, and above all hold your horses before buying expensive high-resolution PCM files or DSD. That alone is a major accomplishment. McGowan, on one of his recent daily posts, stated in words the following as PS Audio’s core values/principles: ‘At our core we give the middle finger to the impossible. When someone tells me it’s impossible to make a $6K DAC sound better than a $30K DAC, or a $700 integrated as good as a multi-thousand dollar one, that’s the reaction I get; although I refrain from that gesture. The impossible becomes possible when someone achieves it.’”

Read Karl Sigman’s entire review on Audiophilia here.

DirectStream customer comments

I know, this is tooting our own horn but there have been some just wonderful comments posted on DirectStream and I just had to share a few.

“Listened to Weather Report, “Night Passage” . . .  I had always (for 30 or so years) assumed that this cymbal had pushed something in the recording chain into clipping. It had always sounded distorted and glaring. For the first time I can hear what this cymbal actually sounds like. It’s loud and CLEAR! Wow!!”

“Two words. Holy sh&[email protected]!!!!”

“..we played some old vocal show tunes recorded in the 40’s and 50’s, and the people that heard the sound almost fell out of their chairs. They could not believe it.”

“I ended up listening until 1:45 am this morning.  Just couldn’t stop.  And that was un-broken in.  But even cold out of the box / upgrade, this DAC is a game changer.  The DS will make your foot tap, music gushes out of this device, that is unlike any other digital front end I have heard.”

“It was like a slap in the face.  Flutes normally get buried in an orchestra, especially in the finale, but these guys were there, right in the soundstage where they were supposed to be.  My jaw dropped.”

“Whhooohhhaaaa!!!!! Yaaaahhhhh…. Literally anything, any kind of music moves you, moves parts of your body, all your familiar and quite predictable tracks become unpredictable and full of surprises.”

“In my system, the DS is revolutionary, not evolutionary in comparison to my almost 2 year old PWD MKII.”

“I am re discovering my cd catalog.  Listening to Radiohead’s OK Computer… AMAZING,  organic, real (there is that word again).  Exit music for a film made me jump off my chair.  Holy crap! “

“The DS doesn’t rival the PWD, it completely demolishs it! I would never believe the improvements could be this huge.”

Building a music server wrap up

In past Paul’s Daily Posts of last month I detailed some of the steps I went through to build a really excellent sounding music server.

I have now posted more complete instructions in our How To section, which you can access here.

In that same How To section of the website, I have also posted a number of other helpful tips for music servers including how to convert one file format to another, how to set import settings, etc.

While this is still a work in process, I can tell you that the server is fun, sounds terrific and once built, there’s no going back to just plain old CDs and DVDs.  The difference in performance is so minimal, when played into DirectStream that it is simply not worth the trouble any more.

Sprout launches in Munich

Sprout, Scott McGowan’s cool all-in-one integrated lifestyle product, debuted in prototype form at the Munich High End show.

We only have a total of 6 Sprout prototypes that were ever made and here they are, stacked up like little soldiers.

Sprout was awesome at the show.  With its built in 55/watt power amplifier we drove the Raidho D3s to amazingly loud levels with sonics anyone would be happy to have.  In fact, most people figured DirectStream and our prototype power amplifier was playing … but no, it was little Sprout.  In the front of our booth sat 4 Sprouts with headphones for people to stream their Bluetooth music through.  If you’re interested in learning more about this revolutionary new product, head over to our Forums where we put up a Sprout page.

Classical best of winter

Our classical music editor, Lawrence Schenbeck, shares with us his favorite picks of music for the winter.

“Winter? Spring? It’s been a while. Here is my almost-quarterly assortment of Best Recordings for Classically Minded Audiophiles.

Best Baroque: How many recordings of the Bach Brandenburgs on your shelf? I’m down to four: CDs of Britten/ECO, Savall/Les Concert des Nations, and Lamon/Tafelmusik, plus my beloved Gustav Leonhardt vinyl, which came with a complete facsimile of the autograph score. (Those were the days!) I remember owning others, but I gave them all away.”  Read the entire article here.

Freddie Hubbard

While cruising down Jazz Highway, I decided to take the exit marked 100 Greatest Jazz Trumpeters. There are many billboards touting so and so as being a member of the Elite 100 Jazz Trumpet Guild.

I decided to grab a bite to eat and pulled into the Harmonious Hamburger Hangout parking lot. The dinner rush had just ended and there were plenty of spaces available. Each one, all 100 of them, were marked with-you guessed it-the name of a member of the Guild.”

Read the entire article here.

Till June

Lots of new stories, information, updates and interesting information will be part of next month’s newsletter and as always, thanks for reading, thanks for sharing.

Paul McGowan


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