AN3 Debuts

I certainly wish we were debuting the finished AN3 loudspeaker but alas, it is only a prototype—the first cut at this extraordinary new speaker from PS. But oh my, what a prototype it is.

Standing just a little under 51 inches tall, 15 inches wide, and 23 inches deep, this 4-way hybrid is all performance from top to bottom. Sporting two custom AMT tweeters, one in front and the other on the rear, we cross over to a lightning fast 10″ planar ribbon midrange, then on to a powered and user adjustable 8″ midbass coupler to handle this critical frequency band, and finished off with a dollop of DSP based servo powered subwoofer reaching for the basement notes through a high-excursion 12″ beast hidden in the cabinet’s side. And, with a built-in 700-watt amp for the sub (with room correction) along with a 300-watt amp for the midbass, the AN3 can easily be driven to concert levels with just about anything from a small tube amplifier to what we use, the BHK Monoblocks.

The AN3 is the first of three models in the Arnie Nudell inspired Series, and the smallest in the line. But, don’t let that label fool you. The AN3 represents far more than that. It is, in fact, the reference standard by which all future PS Audio speakers will be based upon. Think of the AN3 as our benchmark in uncompromised performance—the pivot point for the line to go in both directions.

Shortly after the official launch of the AN3, near the end of 2019, we will release the more affordable Stellar Series with 3 models: each a 3-way floor standing system with AMT tweeters, a new 5.5″ mid driver, internally powered servo controlled subs, and all packaged in a smaller and thinner cabinet than their sonic mentor, the AN3.

Later in 2020, we will move up the ladder handcrafting the AN2 and finally the mighty AN1—twin 7.5 feet tall towers built for the discerning few who have always lusted after the next generation of Infinity IRSV and Genesis Ones but never had the real estate to support them.

With that background in mind, you can see our engineering tech Jordan Kamper soldering the final touches on the prototype AN3 assisted by one of her chief architects, engineer Darren Myers.

Darren, Chief engineer Bob Stadtherr, designers Chet Roe and Bill Abplanalp, along with Moi have spent the last few years lavishing our time and energies getting these puppies to this stage and we are now ready to play them for those of you visiting the upcoming Axpona hifi show the 12th of April.

We hope you can join us for this preliminary debut of what we believe is one of the best sounding loudspeakers ever built. Our room is on the ground floor of Axpona right behind registration.

It’s a big room ready to welcome our extended HiFi Family, so please do come by and visit!

Lastly, if you’re interested in learning more about the AN3 and its relationship to Infinity System’s founder Arnie Nudell’s reference speaker I’ve put together a 4-part series of videos you might enjoy.

Watch Part 1

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“I listened to a lot of ’70s Joni Mitchell, beginning with The Hissing of Summer Lawns. I listened to a lot of Glenn Gould and recent solo disks by my other favorite pianist, Keith Jarrett. I heard Qobuz’s playlist “Traditional Eastern Music”. I heard some Grateful Dead. I spent a lot of time listening to English folk: Martin Carthy, Steeleye Span, Fairport Convention, etc. Nick Drake, too.”

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