DirectStream P20 Power Plant

P20 Power Plant ships

DirectStream P20 Power Plants are shipping this month. That’s exciting news for all our expectant customers. Check out the production pieces awaiting inspection and burn in.

The P20 Power Plant is the most powerful AC regenerator we have ever built. With more than 3600va of peak power available for hungry equipment, this beast delivers nearly twice the peak power possible from your home’s wall socket.

Think about that. Your connected equipment wants (demands) unrestricted pure power—more even than what’s available from the wall socket. Anything less restricts performance and dynamics. Only an AC regenerator with its onboard instant energy storage and peak demand abilities can deliver unfettered power to needy equipment.

Why add a passive purifying device if it cannot deliver what’s needed? In fact, doing so only makes the situation worse and weakens the sound and limits the dynamics.

Find out what unrestricted pure power actually means.

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Elton John

On Saturday, March 24, my interview with the legendary Elton John will be available on my new podcast series called Ohms Law.

My interview took place in the early 1970s when Elton and I spent an hour together in a Munich cafe. Of all the rock stars I interviewed Elton John was the most interesting and fun to spend time with.

My interview is filled with his music and his thoughts on everything from religion to writing. And one thing really flipped me out, how long it takes him to write a composition. I was blown away by his answer.

You can go here to listen.

My podcast is available each and every day. Sunday through Friday I riff on things audio. On Saturdays, it’s an interview with an industry icon or a rock star. Next Saturday, I’ll feature Steve Marriott and Humble Pie.

Ohms Law is easy to listen to and subscribe. By far the best way to enjoy a podcast is on your mobile device. If you have an Apple product it’s simple to subscribe to Ohms Law. Just open the Apple Podcast app and search for Ohms Law.

If you have an Android device go here and subscribe. I think you’ll enjoy these daily podcasts. They’re a great way to consume media and if you subscribe it’ll help grow the audience. If you leave a review I’d appreciate it as well. Anything we can do to grow awareness of high-end audio and the music we love. Thanks!

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The brain’s music box

Whether to enliven a commute, relax in the evening or drown out the buzz of a neighbor’s recreational drone, Americans listen to music nearly four hours a day. In international surveys, people consistently rank music as one of life’s supreme sources of pleasure and emotional power. We marry to music, graduate to music, mourn to music. Every culture ever studied has been found to make music, and among the oldest artistic objects known are slender flutes carved from mammoth bone some 43,000 years ago — 24,000 years before the cave paintings of Lascaux.

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Copper Magazine

From Tchaikovsky to  Kevin Godley and Lol Creme, That whose name may not be spoken, Wanda Jackson, Charlie Feathers, Dave Edmunds, speaker ports, and Charles Dickens, Copper Magazine has something for every reader. And, it’s something you can’t get anywhere else. The only ax we have to grind is keeping our magazine interesting, fun, informative, and eye-opening.

Copper is cost-free, ad-free, and committed to great articles without an attitude.

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Critical Listening Skills

Alon Sagee, president of the San Francisco Audiophile Society, learned how to listen at a very early age from his mentor, a dealer named Peter Cuddy. Cuddy had developed a set of instructions—a sort of guide—to the art of developing one’s critical listening skills.

What a kind and generous act on the part of Peter to mentor a young audiophile that one day would become not only an excellent listener, but a value to the field we all love, high-end audio.

Alon wanted to share Peter’s list with anyone interested in reading it and I’ve scored a copy and placed it on our website for download and reading. Click the link below to read Peter Cuddy’s lesson on learning the art of Critical Listening. I am guessing you’ll find it as interesting as I did.

I just love people when they are this generous with their time and knowledge. We all learned from a mentor somewhere along the line. I did. And it is to those mentors that we give a high-five.

Read the list of skills

Big Nipper

Many of my readers know about my obsession with the RCA mascot, Nipper a dog from Bristol, England, who served as the model for an 1898 painting by Francis Barraud titled “His Master’s Voice”. To me, this iconic image symbolizes what we all strive for, the sound of live music reproduced in our homes.

Even back then, the idea of sound so real it could fool a dog had appeal. One of my readers, Henryk from Brazil, sent me this photo of himself in front of there world’s largest Nipper located in New York.

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