M700 monoblocks

The long awaited Stellar M700 monoblock amplifiers are finally shipping. These are the betas anxious owners have been chomping at the bit for.

Why were they late? Delays with chassis finishes and finalizing the circuitry to make sure engineer Darren Myers and I were happy with the sound. These problems have been solved—they sound and look better than we could have ever hoped for— and they are shipping.

Each M700 is a powerful 700 Watt mono amplifier capable of driving any speaker into ecstasy.

Stay tuned to the PS Audio Forums for their reviews, comments, and suggestions.

Stellar Gain Cell DACs and S300 stereo power amplifiers begin shipping in production quantities in April.

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Adding music

Not many of us are fortunate enough to have a dedicated listening room. Fact is, the vast majority of stereo systems are in people’s living spaces.

What’s the best way to set one up and get the most out of your home’s shared space? Paul’s Post starts a new series helping music lovers make the most out of the limited real estate available to them in their homes. Setting up a new system, or refurbishing an older one presents challenges, but handled with care, the rewards are worth the effort. Music can be such a healing inspirational force in our busy lives. Let’s do what we can to maximize its benefits.

Not much better than that.

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Twisted Sister!

Remember the songs We’re not going to take it, and I wanna rock? Those were monster hits by the group Twister Sister. Did you know Twisted’s leader is an Audiophile? Jay Jay French has been one of us for years and he’s now writing for Copper!

Issue 28. Industry news, Murders and acquisitions, The Absolute Sound, Bring on the bass, the art of release, Spica loudspeakers.

Issue 29. Radio Shack bankruptcy, Jay Jay French, James Cotton, Moon over my transport, Terry Riley, the Old Way, Bridges and boundaries.

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Upside down

We’re not certain why every new turntable manufacturer feels compelled to rethink something that’s worked well for decades, but here we are again.

A Dutch company has designed a linear tracking arm that works upside down, playing the bottom side of the platter. We’re not certain what the advantage might be, but it certainly is a new twist to a well-known process.

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Nixie tubes

Long before touch screens and LED displays, there was the Nixie tube. Vacuum tubes with digital readouts inside. Test equipment, cash registers, even some stereo equipment sported these ancient alphanumeric readouts.

This video not only describes in detail what a nixie tube is but how they’re made along with how vacuum tubes are built. Fascinating.

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