Our best phono stage ever

$1899 now just $999

NuWave Phono, better known as just the NPC, is our best analog phono stage ever. And now, it’s available at nearly half its original price. So, what’s up?

We’re closing out this wonderful piece of gear to make room for a new one (though the new one will be far more expensive). Sometime in 2017 we’ll release a new, reference level, analog phono stage designed by Bascom H. King to match his upcoming BHK Signature Preamplifier.

In the meantime, we’re closing out the NPC analog phono stage and this is your chance to grab one while supplies last. The NPC retails for $1,899, but now that we’re closing it out, you can grab one while they last for just $999. That, my friend, is a hell of a bargain.

More than just a great phono

“I try to resist enthusing in such blatant terms but PS Audio’s NPC is one heck of a product. – I can’t think of any product that impressed me as much…. Review unit = purchased!” John Darko, Digital Audio Review

PS Audio’s NPC is a new category of product that combines a state-of-the-art analog phono preamplifier and analog DSD/PCM converter together in a world’s first. We’ve taken the best analog phono stage we ever built and to it, added a state of the art A/D converter that you can use to record your vinyl onto a hard drive, or play through a DAC. Each is a completely separate circuit inside the NPC, so you can use the analog phono stage on its own, or the A/D converter on its own, or together. It’s your choice! Plenty of customers bought the NPC just for the analog phono stage.

“I can play vinyl again without going thru all the additional hoops, hurdles and cost of analog only — and the sound is divine.” Karl Sigman, Audiophilia

This is one hell of a deal

Take one home today and use it for your vinyl system as a pure analog phono, or play your records through your DAC, or RIP your entire collection onto a hard drive and play them back at the touch of a button from your iPad. It’s your call.

This is one special you really don’t want to miss. While supplies last, the NPC is available at closeout pricing of just $999, a savings of nearly half! When they’re gone, they’re gone.

Don’t miss out. These units come with free door-to-door shipping, a no questions asked 30-day return policy–you love it or we’ll even pay the return shipping.

Take one home to try

Grounding your stereo

This week, Paul’s Posts are focused on grounding. Did you know just how important a good ground is? Or, even, what ground means? There are many important aspects of optimizing our stereo systems that we maybe have heard of, but rarely know enough about to effectively implement them as improvements.

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Copper Magazine

Issue 2 of Copper’s out and, in a few days, Issue 3 will launch as well. The reaction to our new, free, online magazine has been great! Over 12,000 people have already read Issue 1 and Issue 2 readership isn’t too far behind.

Copper is a magazine about music and audio: the sound of it, the feel of it, the emotion of it and the people who make it. Copper hasn’t any ads, Copper doesn’t promote our products.

In Issue 1, Seth Godin tells a great story of how he and the family learned to skit 10 feet across a pool after heading down a waterslide and how that relates to stereo. Bill Leebens tells us how CES has died, Ken Micallef shares with us the 11 records that changed his life, Bill Low asks Who’s in charge of your stereo, and Scott McGowan turns us on to a new band.

One of my favorite pieces in Issue 2 is WL Woodward’s expose on the Grammys – it’ll put a smile on your face. Ken Kessler pissed off a bunch of readers with his article on luxury audio, we take a trip to Hong Kong, and learn who Leon Bridges is.

Coming up in Issue 3, digital guru Richard Murrison writes about Ghosts in the Machine, Seth Godin’s stereo is broken, Ken Kessler’s back on the warpath, and Bill Leebens helps us understand When Stealing’s not Stealing.

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Fly music

A singing penis? Strangely enough, this little fly can generate 99dB of sound with his mating tool. In fact, this fly is so loud that he gets the distinction of being the loudest animal by size on the Earth.

The Blue Whale is the loudest animal on Earth, but consider the size difference between these two. Impress your friends around the water cooler with this great story.

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High definition vinyl

Vinyl, by definition, isn’t high definition. At least not until the release of a new patent that purports to bring high definition to analog records. The dynamic range of a  typical vinyl record is limited to about 70dB in dynamics, compared to nearly 100dB of a CD, and 120dB of a 24 bit digital recording. Researchers in the UK have filed a patent to change all that and the results could hit the shelves within three years….

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