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I wanted to personally reach out to our PS Audio family about something really cool and so my father, Paul, asked me just to write this month’s entire newsletter. So, here goes.

Ours is a growing community we call the Hi-Fi Family. We’re glad to count you among its members.

One of the things common to family members is the taking, sharing, and assembling of photographs into albums.

I am delighted to let you know we have launched a new page on our website called the Hi-Fi Family Photos. In it are hundreds of great photos of music systems generously shared by members of our community.

Could I twist your arm to contribute a photo of your system to the family album? Email me, [email protected], with your photo, your first name (or nickname) you want to be displayed, and where you’re from. I’ll take care of the rest for you.

You don’t have to be a PS Audio customer nor does your system have to have our products. We welcome all members of our extended family to share with the world what brings us joy; our music systems.

Check out all the systems

Not long ago

“While looking at a replacement woofer for a friend of mine, I noticed its huge magnet and metal encasing shield. Ah yes, I thought, the magnetic shield that was all the rage a few years ago.

That shield was needed to protect cathode ray tubes which use magnetic steering to position their controlling electron beams. Those electron beams had to be pointed at precise locations to light up different colored phosphors.

Ray tubes! What Buck Rogers technology was this?”

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Munich High-End Show

For anyone interested in audio history and technology, nothing compares to Silbatone.

A Korean billionaire has one of the world’s foremost collections of important vintage gear, and ships some of the collection to show at every Munich show—at God knows how much in shipping costs. This was a group of early Western Electric drivers and horns, supplemented by a pair of ultra-rare Racon horns (the big square-mouthed recurved horns on the floor).

Read the first of Copper Magazine’s 3-part story on the 2019 Munich High-End show by starting here.

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Copper Magazine

“It’s ironic that I’ve ended up writing articles about audio history, as I always found school courses in history incredibly boring. The standard presentation was that of a linear narrative, like a simplistic novel: first A happened, then B, then C. The perspective was such that those chains of events seemed, in retrospect, inevitable; there was never any sense of tension or indications that things might have happened differently. In my experience, real life is full of subplots and tangled skeins of alternate paths, blind alleys, and dead ends.

That’s a long way around of saying that this piece about Empire—a company that essentially ceased to exist over three decades ago, at least as an audio company…”

Read the story of Empire.

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Alexa, call 911

We ask our smart devices to play music, order groceries, tell us the weather. Now, they may play an even more important role.

Researchers at the University of Washington (UW) have developed an algorithm to monitor people for cardiac arrest while they’re asleep. Through smart speakers and smartphones, the new tool detects agonal breathing and calls for help.

Having Alexa as your bedtime companion might just be the ticket to health (as long as your spouse doesn’t get jealous).

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It arrived!

Reader Barry Emmerton picked up a signed copy of my father’s book, 99% True and sent us this great shot.

Thanks to Barry for sharing.

If you’ve not heard of, or haven’t had a chance to read my dad’s hilarious memoirs (which is now a #1 national bestseller), I would encourage you to pick up a copy.

It’s available as an audiobook (which is how I enjoyed it), or as an eBook, paperback, or hardback.

There are also a scant few signed copies left if you are interested, go here to order one of those and Paul will personally sign it for you.

There’s plenty of tell-all of the industry, PS Audio’s founding, and wild tales from across the sea to enjoy.

Order yours today

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