Audiophile and PS customer Bob Wilner, in the middle, has committed to climbing every fourteneer PS Audio names for their free software upgrade.

“Huron pushes this DAC into the very top echelon of the Darko DAC Index”

Reviewer John Darko is salivating over Huron, the free upgrade for DirectStream and DirectStream Junior DACs.

“’s the magnitude of this upgrade that has caught me by surprise. Huron is not so much a nip/tuck release as a complete blood transfusion.”

DS designer Ted Smith has knocked it out of the park again, doubling the upsample rate, reducing noise by an astounding 18dB and lowering jitter yet again. Huron, the free upgrade, gives DS owners a new DAC to enjoy and rediscover their digital music collections anew.

And while DS owners are celebrating their new kit we sent them for free, DMP owners have discovered that their physical media—particularly Red Book CD—sounds markedly better than any other source they have. Period.

The Memory Player gives you what you’ve never had with SACD—access to the DSD layer through our DAC—but more important, DMP is the best sounding source of digital audio music in the world today, at any price. I know that’s a bold claim, but I do not say it lightly. One listen to your CD collection through DMP and you too will understand the magnitude of what I refer to.

If you’ve not had the chance to own this pair of DAC and Memory Player, we’ve got a means to do so that makes it easy. Now through July, the combo of DS and DMP are on sale. You can go here to see what I mean. It’s a wonderful opportunity to own the finest pair of digital audio products this company has ever built.

If you’re outside the United States, feel free to contact your dealer or us for details of how you can enjoy similar savings.

It won’t last forever, so don’t miss out.

The DAC in your head

Our ears are more like ADCs and our brains like DACs. And what’s interesting about this observation is that despite the fact the ear/ADC might be damaged or suffer from serious hearing loss, the brain’s DAC equivalent can compensate for the loss, something measurement equipment cannot do. This is one of the reasons human hearing is so much more perceptive than measurement equipment regardless of age.

Paul’s Post will be examing some of the reasons why this is true along with differences between fancy measurement equipment vs. our superior hearing systems.

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Copper Magazine

What’s always the most important component in your system? The answer might surprise you. Read about it here.

Issue 34. 50 years ago the Beatles, not patently obvious, talent swarm, Andy Suzuki, The Mountain Goats, No love for the shack, Horn speakers, Dedicated room.

Issue 35. Getting to Know György, Wild about Harry Pearson, Believing our ears, Moore’s law, Long Island, Seth Glier, The Allman Brothers, LA Audio Show.

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Before electronic amplification, instrument makers and musicians had to find newer and better ways to make themselves heard among ensembles and orchestras and above the din of crowds. Many of the acoustic instruments we’re familiar with today—guitars, cellos, violas, etc.—are the result of hundreds of years of experimentation into solving just that problem.

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New vinyl

The resurgence in popularity of vinyl records has left many small imprints, “bedroom” labels, and independent artists without the ability to press small runs of records in reasonable amounts of time. Third Man Pressing aims to dedicate a percentage of its capacity each month to pressing records for clients of this ilk, alleviating the bottlenecking of the production caused by major label orders, and bringing more niche, regionally-interesting pressings from inspired individuals onto record shelves worldwide.

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