BHK Signature Preamp Review

The BHK preamplifier shipped to our beta testers as well as a few reviewers. I am delighted to let you know the first of those reviews has hit the newstand—at least so to speak.

Reviewer Karl Sigman has been living with the BHK Signature Preamplifier for close to a month now. What did he think about it? We’re please to say he thought enough of it to send us a check. The preamp’s not leaving Karl’s home.

“Oh man, what can I say, David Bowie’s last album (2016), the jazz-influenced Black Star (24/96) released right after his recent death, the track ‘Lazarus’. It left me in such a state after listening to it on the BHK; so spacious, eerie and visceral, and with heart-wrenching lyrics—I reached for the whisky bottle, what else could I do?”

The beta test was a complete success. If you’d like to read the comments by our beta testers on our forums, go here. Clearly, there’s been a lot of interest, as 6,000 viewers have read these many comments.

The first 100 limited edition production units start shipping today, each hand signed by the designer himself, Bascom H. King. Next month, we’ll begin shipping worldwide.

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Save 40% on a P10

Yee haw! Once yearly we have a summer sale and this year it’s one of our most important products, the P10 Power Plant.

Here’s your chance to own the biggest improvement your system has had, a true AC power regenerator. Most power conditioning products filter high frequency noise and grit—which sometimes helps the sound—but doesn’t really fix what’s wrong. To get it right, you need to repair the damaged AC, regulate the power to your equipment, and lower the distortion. Only a Power Plant can do that, and the P10 is our biggest and best.

A P10 Power Plant retails for $4,999 but now, through July (or when we run out), you can grab a P10 for just $2,999. The product comes with a full 30 day money-back return policy and we pay freight to you – and even pickup the return freight charge if it isn’t what you hoped for.

Want to learn more? A major review of the P10 just published in Stereophile magazine. Click here to read Jim Austin’s review.

Bottom line? If you’re not listening with your equipment powered by a P10 regenerator, then you are missing out. Really. The P10 is one of the single most critical improvements you can install in your system. There will likely never be a better price.

Get one before they are gone

The arithmetic of music

Two men invented calculus: Isaac Newton and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. What’s amazing is they developed the same differential and integral calculus models independent of each other. Hard enough for one genius. What are the odds of two?

Leibniz loved music. “Music is a hidden arithmetic exercise of the soul, which does not know that it is counting.”

How profound a statement. Perhaps he was one of the first Audiophiles—understanding the emotional impact music has on each of us without words—a subject we’ve covered in recent Paul’s Posts.

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Copper Magazine

Issue 6 , Issue 7,  Issue 8, and Issue 9 of Copper have all published since our last newsletter. Copper continues to grow in popularity and hopefully you’ve had a chance to read our free online magazine about music and audio. Copper hasn’t any ads, Copper doesn’t promote our products or anyone else’s for that matter.

In Issue 8, we begin with our exclusive coverage of the Newport High End Audio show. Our own Bill Leebens walked the floor and found some interesting systems and rooms I am sure you’ll want to read about. Ever own an Acoustat electrostatic loudspeaker? Read about its history.

In Issue 9, we start part one of Off The Record, a well named article about the history of the turntable by Haden Boardman. Haden covers the whys and wherefores of turntable design, requisite feature you need to look for. The history of iconic Jensen is also started and there will be two more parts to that story.

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Pressed to the edge

The music industry has been celebrating a surge of interest in one of its most beloved reproduction means: the vinyl record. Major labels are returning to their old business model and are quickly saturating clothes stores, online shops, electronics outlets and international vinyl-themed holidays with reissues of old classics.

It’s easy to get swept up – after all, many firmly believe vinyl and its analog sound are much better than CD and downloads with their digital sound. However, the vinyl boom is hiding problems that could have disastrous implications for popular culture.

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Samsung going high-end?

When you think of Samsung, lots of things come to mind: televisions, phones, appliances. Heck, if you live in Samsung’s home country of South Korea, the name may even conjure up parking garages and apartment complexes. But one thing that probably doesn’t spring to mind is high-end audio.

Samsung wants to change that perception. Badly.

To that end, the electronics giant recently constructed a state-of-the-art audio lab in Valencia California and poached top talent from some of the biggest audio brands in the world to run it. An industry leader that was little more than an electronics upstart in the ‘90s, Samsung isn’t just looking to be a bigger part of the audio conversation. Like every category in which it competes, Samsung wants to be “number one” in sound.

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