DirectStream kit availability

We are delighted to let you know we are again taking reservations for DirectStream Kits. The kits that convert any PerfectWave DAC (PWD) into a full-fledged DirectStream DSD, are again available, but there aren’t many.

If you’ve ordered one through your dealer or distributor, they should be receiving it shortly. If you are in the United States, we have a limited number of reservations open right now. Click here to reserve your DirectStream Kit for shipment to you in July, anywhere in the US.

The DS doesn’t rival the PWD, it completely demolishes it! I would never believe the improvements could be this huge.

New firmware for DirectStream released

If you’ve been reading any of the latest forum posts or reviews on DirectStream, you may have seen mention of new firmware being released.

The new firmware is the first upgrade for DirectStream owners. We added DXD support, raised the input sampling filter from 40kHz to 80kHz and made some improvements to the user interface when using DirectStream’s volume control. Arnie Nudell and I spent a great deal of time in the listening room making sure this new version was just right. Let me tell you, this new firmware opens up DirectStream, provides more presence, more realism, more detail and depth than you ever imagined possible. The reviewers and beta testers upgrading have been pretty blown away. Best of all, it’s free!

It’s now ready for free download. Just go to our website’s Downloads area, select the Download Product Updates tab and download DirectStream 6115. You’ll see it at the very bottom of the page.

All you need is a blank SD card. Unzip the files and copy to the card, place in the back of a DirectStream and power cycle to load it. Enjoy.

Sprout launches on KickStarter

Sprout asks only two questions: what do you want to listen to, and how loud? We take care of the rest.”

Long awaited and anticipated, Sprout, the Hi Fi Stereo amp for the modern home, launched a few days ago on Kickstarter. Within 1 hour we had reached our goal and as of this writing, it’s popularity is climbing ever quicker. Thank you for the amazing level of support.

Sprout will launch this October through our normal dealer channels for $799.95; a complete all-in-one music system that’s great to listen to and easy to use. Here’s your only chance to get a Sprout for a much lower price by supporting our KickStarter campaign.

Click this link and watch the video, find out what Sprout’s all about and then help support it. When you click on the support levels you’ll see how you can buy one now at a great price. Thanks!

Sprouts now available internationally

I just mentioned you can get a Sprout through our Kickstarter campaign above. When we first launched the KickStarter campaign we did not include international customers. Many were not happy and we listened. It took some scrambling, negotiating and doing, but now anyone, anywhere in the world can support the coolest new thing in audio today, Sprout.

We were able to negotiate a shipping fee of $75 that covers shipping anywhere in the world; and international customers still get the great price and can support Sprout. There’s a limited number available right now at the lower $449 price (plus shipping) and we’ll ship anywhere in the world. Get them while you can and thanks for the support. Click here to view the video and grab one at the lower price before they are gone.

Some countries may require additional taxes and customs which we have no control over and you will be responsible for those charges should your country require it. While we have good control over how our products sound and perform, we haven’t figured out how to control your country’s taxes. 🙂

New reviews in for DirectStream

In past Paul’s Daily Posts of last month I let my readers know there are new reviews out on DirectStream, and more on the way – in fact, some really big ones are on the way.

The ones I can mention right now are:

Audiophilia Review

PS Audio achieves the impossible

The DS is a game changer; I think it has caused the ‘war’ between DSD and PCM to be on hold or mute for most of us, and above all hold your horses before buying expensive high-resolution PCM files or DSD. That alone is a major accomplishment. Click here to read it.

6 Moons Review

The best way we’ve yet encountered to turn digital into music

But what happened now was beyond our expectations. Maybe we had been lulled into a bit of been-there-done-that reviewer fatigue but the DirectStream’s handling of this CD became a rude wakeup call and put us back on edge to eat crow. Damn, the performances of the various groups and soloists were so real and at such dynamic range, it was hard to believe that the source material was a simple 16/44.1 Redbook CD. Click here to read it.

AudioStream Review

There was an amazing sense of purity to the DirectStream’s way with music as if everything and anything extraneous had been stripped away.

Even at low listening levels, music retained its character with no sense of the sound washing out. For those people looking for a direct-to-amp DAC/Digital Preamp, consider the DirectStream a solid contender. Click here to read the review

Till July

Lots of new stories, information, updates and interesting information will be part of next month’s newsletter and as always, thanks for reading, thanks for sharing.

Paul McGowan


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