"Nothing equals it!"

Wow. I have never been so excited over a musical release in my life.

Octave Records is both proud and excited to release one of the world’s greatest works of music by one of the world’s most celebrated musicians.

The Bach Cello Suites, recorded in both two-channel and 5-channel surround in a magnificent live hall in pure DSD is performed by Zuill Bailey, widely considered one of the premiere cellists in the world. He is a Grammy Award-winning, internationally renowned soloist, recitalist, Artistic Director, and teacher.

"Thank you for the sneak peek of this amazing recording. I have never heard a cello sound like this and Zuill's performance is just breathtaking. I have 4 other recordings of the complete Bach Suites and nothing even comes close."

If you like the music of J.S. Bach then this latest release from Octave Records is a must have. It's truly one of the most remarkable recordings I have ever had the pleasure to play on the PS Audio Reference system in Music Room Two.

Check out the samples from this amazing musical masterpiece by going here.

Grab a copy, playable on any CD or SACD player today before they're all snapped up. (Also available as a high resolution download).

Grab your copy today

Get to know Zuill Bailey

It's rare when we get an insider's view of one of music's masters. When the opportunity arises, it's time to grab hold and get closer to understanding the mind and soul of the musician.

Zuill Bailey's rare combination of celebrated artistry, technical wizardry, and engaging personality has secured his place as one of the most sought-after and active cellists today. He's performed to sold-out crowds in the Kennedy Center, the United Nations, New York City's Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In his storied career, he has collaborated with such conductors as Itzhak Perlman, Neeme Jarvi, and Stanislav Skrowaczewski.

Take a moment to share the inner thoughts of one of the world's great musicians, Zuill Bailey. We've put together a wonderful 10-minute long video for you.

And if you like live interviews, John Clare will feature Zuill on 107.3 in St. Louis at 9:00 a.m. Central this Friday, July 30th.

The live interview will be available worldwide by clicking the link below.

Watch Zuill Bailey's video
Listen live to the interview

Subwoofer connections

For more than three decades I have strongly advocated the high-level connection of subwoofers—where we connect the output of the power amplifier to the input of the subwoofer.

What amazes me is that still to this day, that viewpoint is considered radical.

The vast majority of subwoofer manufacturers would have you connecting their subwoofers through low-level inputs as supplied by your preamplifier. Their reasoning is simple. The output of a preamplifier is cleaner and more direct than what happens after a power amplifier has processed it.

So why the debate?

Because they are missing the point. Subwoofers should not stand out in the system. The whole point of a subwoofer is to augment the performance of the main loudspeakers. We don’t want to hear the subwoofer. We want to pretend as if it were a perfect appendage to the main speakers. To make that happen we need to do whatever we can to get closer to matching the sound of the main speakers—a perfect pairing.

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Copper is cost-free, ad-free, and committed to great articles without an attitude.

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Is the system or the recording the most important?

Of course, a great recording will sound good or even great on any decent system, but what is more important? The recording or the system.

Most people would answer it's the recording that's most important and I am not certain I wouldn't agree with that. However, the opposite has always been a bit of a sore spot for us audiophiles. A great system can often make a mediocre recording sound, well, a bit worse.

In the following video I discuss the issue and come to some interesting conclusions. Among them is the idea that we can have a shared experience of good recordings. These reference recordings are very helpful because if they don't sound good on your system then perhaps it's time to rethink your set up.

In any case, here is the link to PS Audio's Qobuz playlist if you're interested.

Watch Paul's video

Whatever happened to Mark Levinson?

What do Mark Levinson, Wadia, and Cello all have in common? My good friend, Jim McCullough.

Jim is a pioneer in the audio industry, a man who helped elevate these brands from small-time companies to the prestigious heights they once achieved. Learn the stories of how the landmark high-end audio companies of Mark Levinson, Wadia, and Cello became as big and famous as they once were, and what happened to them in the end.

This is a blast from the past on my podcast, Ohm's Law. So many great names of products fade into obscurity that I wanted to dust off this classic and share it with you.

Listen to the interview


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