Bridge II owners can now enjoy a full MQA unfold and access Tidal right from their DirectStream, DirectStream Junior, or PerfectWave DAC.

MQA and Tidal now available


Damn if it didn’t take forever to get MQA to a full unfold but we’re finally here. Our engineering department, in conjunction with MQA’s founder, Bob Stuart (who helped guide the process and make sure PS got red carpet service), MQA is finally available to PS DAC owners.

For free.

Yup, free. If you own a Bridge II and one of our DACs that supports the separate Bridge card, DirectStream and the PerfectWave DAC, or a DirectStream Junior (where it’s built in), you’re good to go after an update that’s easy to install.

Unlike some versions of MQA implementation, the engineers managed to pull off a full unfold up to 192kHz 24 bits.

And then, there’s Tidal. Using the free MConnect App, MControl for Apple or Android, users with Tidal premium service can access MQA tracks to their heart’s content.

There’s plenty of debate surrounding MQA and now PS DAC owners can jump into the middle of the fray and have at it, experiencing it all.

Have fun and drop us a note on the forums of your experience.

Getting closer to analog

Why do we use the term analog to judge digital? Do we hope that our digital systems sound like our vinyl? Or, do we hope our vinyl or digital audio systems sound like the analog microphones recording the music in the first place?

I think we get confused. Most of us seem to equate the term analog as using vinyl as the ultimate reference standard for which digital audio must live up to. I believe that’s a mistake.

While I love vinyl, I certainly wouldn’t want the truncated dynamics and frequency response of vinyl to restrict what I enjoy most of my digital setup.

The truth is each has their value and their place in our systems. When you have a vinyl centric setup there’s no question your system sounds best when scraping vinyl—and the opposite is true.

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Copper Magazine

1967. The year rock and roll became rock. Twisted Sister’s founder JJ French gives us his take on this seminal year in music. Read about it here.

Issue 36. The thrill of the chase, the music of Bella Betts, the comedy of The Firesign Theater, Benjamin Booker, the scoop on Spotify, EQ DSP and you.

Issue 37. Net neutrality, fireworks and fizz water, Seth Godin’s back, the music of Adrian Crowley, Hey! Hey! It’s the Monkees, producer Steve Hoffman.

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Acoustic sound lab

You think your listening room is problematic? Imagine how difficult it must be to design a massive concert hall for acoustics. These multi-million dollar buildings have to get it right the first time and it’s no longer good enough to get it ‘sort of right’. Here’s an inside look how one of the best companies in the world models acoustic spaces.

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Free concerts

In April, BBC Radio 3 and BBC R&D launched what we believe is a world-first for a classical radio network: audio delivered directly to your web browser with completely lossless compression. For free.

BBC’s brought together lossless FLAC compression, HTML5 and the Media Source Extensions to offer listeners a bit-perfect representation of Radio 3’s live output, exactly as it left the studio.

What a boon for classical music lovers. You can read the article of how they did it here.  But better still, you can enjoy the concerts by going here.  You’ll need the latest Firefox browser to play this amazing gift of music.

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