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Connecting your computer to your DAC may be the hardest connection to get right.

USB is the most problematic of any DAC’s inputs. We attempt to connect our noisiest appliance, the computer, to our most sensitive, the DAC, and hope for great results. We’re often disappointed.

LANRover is a breakthrough product that solves the persistent problems and shortcomings of USB audio by separating the noisy from the sensitive. Placed between the computer and your DAC, LANRover regenerates newly formed packets of 2-way data separating the loud computer from the quiet DAC.

Think of LANRover as the Power Plant of digital audio—cleaning, isolating, regenerating and newly formatting USB musical data, a process that dramatically improves audio performance with any DAC.

In addition to improving USB audio, LANRover can physically separate your computer or music server from the sound system. USB audio signals, which rapidly degrade over distance, can now be sent from any room in your home to any other without loss of performance. In fact, LANRover significantly improves performance of any USB source for any musical signal, regardless of distance.

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We’re now Roon Ready!

Roon, the best music management program on the market today, the one that gets you closer to the music and the musicians, is now available on our DACs. Once upgraded, the PerfectWave DAC, DirectStream DAC, and DirectStream Junior can now become Roon end points.

Install Roon on your computer and your mobile device (IOS or Android) and start enjoying a whole new level of control and connection to the musicians. The Roon app allows you to control the DAC’s volume—which means no loss of fidelity when using the volume control as you might have with JRiver or other excellent programs. In fact, Roon allows you to control the DAC and the music as never before and it’s something we’re excited about.

To run Roon on your PS Audio DAC, you’ll need to upgrade the firmware on both your DAC as well as your Bridge II. Instructions for upgrading Bridge II can be found here, how to upgrade a PWD or DirectStream with the required SD card can be found here, and if you have a DirectStream Junior, with it’s built in Bridge, you can refer to its owner’s manual for help (or call or email us).

The upgrades are free, they take our DACs to another sonic level. Torreys, the name of the new firmware, knocks DAC performance out of the ballpark once again.

And the upgrade path for all devices is 100% free!!

What is it about bass?

It doesn’t seem to matter what you pay for your loudspeakers, few have low bass. In fact, those without built in subwoofers can be said to have very little below 30Hz in your room. Sure, they measure well, but practically speaking, without the ability to separately adjust their levels, it’s near impossible to get the top end to match the bottom end. Thus, no low end.

Over on Pau’s Posts we’ve been talking bass, emotional listening, Roon, and building musical libraries—the importance of metadata.

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Copper Magazine

Issue 10, Issue 11,  and Monday, Issue 12 of Copper will have all published since our last newsletter. Copper, the premier online magazine about music and Hi Fi, continues to grow. No ads, no popups, no agenda other than a great read. Copper is free.

In Issue 10, an interview with David Bock, one of the major manufacturers of quality recording microphones. Jensen, the Man and the company, The Four Seasons, Hold my beer, rumors of my death.., and This Girl Rocks are included.

In Issue 11, we travel to Washington DC and the Capital Audio Fest. Loads of pictures exclusive to Copper. Andrew Norman, pinball wizard, the Kutandara Tribe, The New Old Way, Jaco Pastorius—the great bassist, Son of Ten More Forgotten Artists.

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How is jazz like physics?

How is physics like jazz?

How is John Coltrane like Albert Einstein?

Ask theoretical physicist Stephon Alexander.

He sees strong connections between the improvisational nature of jazz and the pursuit of understanding quantum gravity, particle physics, and the origins of the universe.

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And speaking of physics

The metronome keeps time for musicians. And, if you think about it, the ever-present conductor of an orchestra, the drummer in a band, are all performing a similar function. That of keeping time.

But we’ve learned from physicists that time is relative. Depending on when you start a time keeper, such as a metronome, the time it keeps is accurate but not compared to a second device started later or earlier.

What would happen if you took 32 metronomes and started each at a different time? Can the application of basic physics principles get them to all synchronize?

Watch this amazing video and find out.

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Is TIDAL being sold to Apple?

Apple is rumored to be in talks to acquire rapper Jay Z’s streaming music service Tidal, reports The Wall Street Journal, citing “people familiar with the matter.”

Though denied by Tidal executives, and Apple’s refusing to comment, the talks are said to be exploratory and “may not result in a deal,” but Apple is considering the purchase to bolster its Apple Music service.

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