Stellar Ships

Stellar, our new line of affordable high-end audio electronics is shipping. Check out production team leader, Lou Gehringer, cleaning a stack of beta S300 Stereo power amplifiers just before they get packaged.

Exciting stuff.

Beta testing of the Stellar amps and Gain Cell DAC begins next week and runs through the month of February. Beta testers will be posting comments and reviews of their new equipment on our forums. As always, these reviews and comments are public.

To keep the many questions, suggestions, and bugs separated from the actual reviews and opinions, we’ve added a separate bug forum. This too is public, though perhaps far less interesting than the actual opinions and reviews beta testers post after their new amps and DAC break in and open up into their full glory.

For those waiting to order your own Stellar product, we’ll begin taking orders on March 1.

Have fun!

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Do measurements matter?

When something is distorted it certainly doesn’t qualify as perfect. Think of looking at yourself in a funhouse mirror. Audio designers work hard at lowering all forms of distortion in an effort to get closer to audio purity. Often, those engineering efforts result in worse sound than the higher levels of distortion they were intended to fix! That’s the dilemma faced by every high-end audio designer and one we discuss at great length in Paul’s Post. The first of the series begins here.

Currently, Paul’s explaining input impedance. What’s it for, and why should you care? Good and informative stuff to know.

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Immersive Music

Immersive headphones offer listeners breathtaking 360˚ sound. They’re custom tuned to each set of ears, but once installed, they can be as lifelike as anything you’ve ever heard.

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Copper Magazine

Copper Magazine’s growing in both readership and content. We now have more than 8,800 subscribers and we’ve added a new section, Industry News. Editor Leebs gets the scoop on what’s happening and reports it to you. In Monday’s upcoming Issue 25, we learn about a shakeup at McIntosh.

Issue 23. Richard Murison explains convolution, there’s a tale of musical evolution, and another killer local group, The Railsplitters; Woody takes a last, twisted look at Christmas music, Jim Smith with more on the ACK Attack; and Darren Myers on a DIY phonostage.

Issue 24. What is FLAC all about? Dan Schwartz on lyrics, Larry Schenbeck examines rhythm at a stately pace, teen guitar whiz Jaden Carlson, musical life—and death—in 2016, why some systems sound terrific but don’t have soul, the history of the everlasting Quad ’57.

Copper is cost-free, ad-free, and committed to great articles without an attitude.

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First review of DMP

There’ve been plenty of consumer reviews of the new DirectStream Memory Player. Now, there’s an industry review available to read in AudioStream.

Reviewer Stephen Plaskin gives his opinion of this revolutionary new disc player.

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Spouse approved absorbers 

Our rooms are our biggest problems when it comes to good sound.

Adding absorbers and diffusers helps with one thing, sound, and hurts in another, appearance.

Now you can have both: better sound and good looks. Sabine makes an interesting line of furniture that doubles as sound absorbers. If you can get your spouse to agree, you might both win.

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