Renovation madness

PS Audio’s in a really nice facility nestled up against the Flatirons, but it’s getting on in age (who among us isn’t?). Time for renovation. Nothing huge, new flooring, paint, lighting and ceiling tiles. The problem is we can’t send everyone home for a month while the workers tear the place apart.

It’s a problem faced by road crews working on highways with traffic, and companies with ongoing business. So we have to be clever and do the work in stages, shuffling people from one area to another, crowding them into tight spaces. My office is now being shared by the president of our company who has a lot of meetings – and our conference room’s gone too. It’s hard to have any quiet.

Two more weeks and it’s finished. And it’ll be beautiful. But, in the meantime, it is utter chaos. So if you call or visit, be prepared. And thanks for the understanding.

A new magazine

There’s always a lot of interesting new stories and content on Paul’s posts. This past month we’ve covered a lot. The biggest stories were two series we ran, one on metadata and computer audio, the other on how to rip music. We then moved to Bit Banging, Armchair Critics, and a mini series on how to evaluate sound.

But perhaps one of the biggest news items is our upcoming launch of a new magazine. No, we’re not starting a review magazine. I like to think of it as the New Yorker of audio. Stories, news, thought provoking articles on music and audio. We’ll invite guest authors, industry folks, famous musicians, and so on. No name yet, we’re choosing through a contest running on Paul’s Posts.

There’s no advertising and, it’ll be free. This is not a “PS Audio” magazine. Rather, we’ll do our best to keep it equipment and promotion free. No one will try to sell readers anything. Just provide great content we’d all like to read, sprinkled with controversy and humor. Content you’re not likely to get anywhere else. We’re doing it because we want to contribute, to give back to the community – and because we sense a hole in the information easily available to us. It exists purely for your education, entertainment and as a means of bringing community together.

Wanna learn more? Click on the link to sign up for Paul’s Daily posts.

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If you’ve ever taken piano lessons from the lady next door, if you’ve ever been a proud member of your school band, if you’ve ever had to play a solo for the district music contest, you know the rules. First you learn all the notated pitches and rhythms (also the words, if you’re a singer). Perhaps at your last or next-to-last lesson, your teacher may say, “Now let’s put in the expression.”

Read the article

Sprout Video

“While its easy to get lost in the gear and there are so many high ticket items out there in audioland, its nice to see a respected company like PS Audio offering fantastic products like Sprout. At $500, its a no brainer. Will it replace a $50,000 reference reference rig? No.”

Watch this great video of Sprout in New Record Day.

Watch the video

Loud vs. Quality

Outside a former kitchen on an east London street called, perhaps fittingly, Club Row, there’s a chalkboard advertising “COFFEE, EGGS & BLOODY GOOD SPEAKERS”. You might pass it by thinking it was just another bit of café-culture whimsy, but this is more than an eatery and lounge with challenging music in the background.


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