DirectStream P20 Power Plant

Bigger, Better, More.

In 1998 PS Audio reinvented AC power.

We’ve learned a lot over these last 20 years.

The DirectStream P20 Power Plant is our finest expression of performance to date. It brings to even the most demanding systems remarkable dynamics, stunning transparency, and holographic imaging.

Inside the new P20 is an all-new design using a DSD sine wave engine rather than our older PCM based designs. The cleaner signal, coupled with twice the energy storage, half the output impedance, and double the regulation of any Power Plant ever built, brings a new level of power, purity, and performance to the finest systems.

If you’d like to see some cool photos of this gorgeous beast, learn about its features and improved performance specs, head here to have a look. First shipments of the P20 happen next week.

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Musicians and high end audio

It’s always been a bit of a mystery to me why the very people making music aren’t the ones with the best playback systems. Some can’t afford one, others don’t seem to care, while still others have developed a very different audio perspective than most audiophiles.

And then there’s the opinions of others. “Musicians are experts in sorting out acoustic variables in musical situations to a degree un-imaginable to laypersons. They are used to practicing and rehearsing in rooms with bad acoustics, so even in conditions with a lot of acoustical comb filtering they can still hear things that audiophiles can’t because of thousands of hours’ ear training.

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Best way to RIP CDs

What’s the best way to copy this?

The best way to RIP

There’s certainly a lot of diverse opinions on the importance of a good RIP for sound quality. Some suggest EAC, others can accept iTunes, while still others enjoy JRiver or the native apps on their computer.

In this new video from CEO Paul McGowan, we learn the best and easiest ways to RIP CDs and why it matters (if it does). And for those Apple users, what AIFF is and why Bit Perfect is the best $10 you’ll ever spend.

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The best way to RIP

Copper Magazine

Hard to imagine but this month, our online music and equipment magazine, Copper, celebrates its second anniversary! Two years of Louie and Nipper gracing her front cover, and editor Leebs rattling cages and providing a fresh look and read every two weeks. There’s really nothing like Copper in our world and best of all it’s free and without ads or agenda.

This issue brings us the story of an annual rock fest known as Wild Honey. Wild Honey has done a couple shows each of Fabs and Beach Boys albums, fan-favorite Big Star (with Jody Stephens playing in the band), last year they did the Band with Garth Hudson playing, and this year the lucky target was Buffalo Springfield, with Richie Furay.

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Every seat is the best

“Sitting in the last row of New York’s iconic Radio City Music Hall, a robotic voice speaks a sentence into the amphitheater.

“You are hearing my voice from a speaker that is located on the rear stage wall more than a football field away from your current location.”

The voice is not blasted at a high volume even though it is coming from 328 feet away on a speaker array in the back left corner of the Radio City stage. Yet it sounds nearly as loud and clear as if this reporter was standing directly in front of it.

“Welcome to the future of audio technology,” the voice whispers.

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Holographic imaging

“When Maria Callas appeared onstage at the Rose Theater at Jazz at Lincoln Center on Sunday night, she looked a little pale, a little spectral.

This was understandable, perhaps: She has been dead since 1977. This Callas was a three-dimensional hologram, the latest in a series of musical-visual resurrections that have included Tupac Shakur, Michael Jackson and Ronnie James Dio. She shared the program, in fact, with Roy Orbison, who died in 1988.”

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