DirectStream Junior

I couldn’t be happier. After two years of work by DirectStream designer Ted Smith, and the engineering team at PS Audio, we released DirectStream Junior – all new, based on its famous progenitor.

DSJ uses the identical FPGA and upgradeable code as DirectStream, but in a slimmer chassis with a stepped attenuator for the volume rather than a touch screen. This is one sweet unit, giving owners close to 85% of DirectStream’s performance at a much lower price.

Did I mention it has the Bridge II network streaming card built-in? And, DSJ has the same ability to uncover details buried in your music library, as does DirectStream.

Imagine going to a recording studio and listening to a master tape of any recording made. This is the experience DirectStream Junior affords its owners who appreciate a renewed sense of enjoyment and discovery when listening to everything in their library: CD’s, downloads, DSD.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

Want to learn more? We’ve prepared a special presentation for you, The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree. You can view it here. Or, perhaps you’d like more detailed information? Click here.

We know DirectStream was out of financial reach for some of you, and that’s why we introduced DSJ. With DSJ, you can hear all that has been missing in your CD library – enjoy updates to its performance whenever we release new versions, like Yale, and stream music from Tidal, your NAS, JRiver, or your favorite radio station.

Contact your dealer

DSJs have begun shipping this week and will soon reach your dealer, your country, anxious music lovers the world over. We’re excited for you to give DSJ a listen and find out what all the excitement’s about! And, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Audio myths

This week, Paul’s Posts are focused on debunking audio myths, and before that we talked about the best concert seats, audio amateurs, audio snobs, the new record store, a link to understanding different viewpoints, and, the biggest news of all, Copper magazine!

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Copper Magazine

There are a number of great print and online magazines that review equipment, talk about what’s new and are fun to read. But none are anything like Copper.

Copper is a magazine about music and audio: the sound of it, the feel of it, the emotion of it and the people who make it.

Copper has pieces by musicians, engineers, philosophers, historians, and all kinds of people who love music, both live and recorded.

And Copper is free, published weekly. No ads, no one trying to sell you anything. Just great articles that inform, entertain, make you think.

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How we listen to music

All scientists agree that the most important aspect in listening to music is attention. It is simply crucial when it comes to lengthy pieces. Our time span is limited.  Due to our busy schedules, we cannot afford the luxury of fresh attention all the time. Composers and performers use different tactics for handling it……..

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