Merry Christmas

I like much about Christmas: Family, friends, good moods, gifts, good cheer, dinners, happy grandkids, and the first snows.

For the PS Audio family we do our best to have fun and give in the spirit of the holidays. Terri and Ashton organized a gingerbread house decorating contest and we put the phones on hold, grabbed tubes of frosting, gumdrops and jellybeans and decorated away. Then we all voted. The team with the best house got $20 each. The losers got a sack of coal–well, candy that looked like coal.

We also gave to charity. Each of our 33 team members was asked what their favorite charity was and management donated a healthy sum to each and every one of them. It felt good.

May your family have the merriest of Christmas and the happiest of New Years, from all of us at PS Audio.

NAS for music storage

So, just what is the most popular method of storing your CDs in Asia? It’s called a NAS and it’s surprising more people in other parts of the world haven’t yet picked up on it. But, just what is a NAS? How does it work and what are its advantages to, say, plain old USB storage?

Paul’s Daily posts is starting another informative series on just this subject.

NAS are cool and not too expensive. For example, the one pictured in this newsletter retails for $169 from Amazon and can store as many as 5,000 CDs at full resolution, which works out to about $0.04 a CD. Convert them to lossless FLAC or ALAC, you can store twice that many. That’s a hell of a lot of storage for not much money.

But there’s something else you should know about a NAS.  NAS do not require additional computers in the system to work, like a USB drive does. You can build a music system with a NAS, a Bridge and a DAC. Or, a NAS and any UPnP player/renderer of your choice and control everything from your smart phone.

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Gregg Karukas

Smooth jazz………the term paints a picture of cool music that is very easy on the ears and soothing to the mind. Some consider it a genre while others consider it a radio format. Whatever side you’re on, there are many artists that consider smooth jazz to be home and one such musician is Gregg Karukas

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Sprout Review

“Call it love at first sight. Simply put, I adored this little integrated amp from PS Audio straight out of the box. From its wonderfully compact size—slightly larger than a chunky paperback bestseller—to the look and feel of its smooth wood-paneled top and its (dare I say it?) convenience, it’s a winner.”

Read Julie Mullen’s review of Sprout in TAS.

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Yale firmware

The DirectStream DAC is one of the few in the world that changes its sound with the touch of a button. New firmware, which is free to DAC owners, dramatically improves the performance of this ground breaking instrument.

Chris Martens reviews the latest firmware for DirectStream, Yale.

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