PS Audio December 2013 Newsletter

It’s that time of year again when everything draws to a close and we start reflecting on our year’s past. On Wednesday it’s 2014. We hope all of you and yours have a wonderful new year and get everything you want in life.

Vinyl’sbest year in a decade

Sure, CD’s and downloads sold bazillions of copies over the past year but vinyl had a resurgence of growth as well.2013 saw over 500,000 vinyl LP’s sold and that’s a record not seen since 2003. Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories was a huge seller of vinyl and a major motivator of sales for the LP industry, along with Britain’s Oasis.In fact, LP sales have doubled over the last decade and show no signs of letting up. What warms my heart on these sales? Who is buying them? Yup, our next generation of up and coming Audiophiles, the 20 to 40 year olds. They love it and so do we!

Last day for the free MOFI

And speaking of vinyl, Tuesday the 31st is the last day to grab a NuWave Phono Converter, our much talked about A/D converter and phono stage, and get your pick of $200 worth of Mobile Fidelity Music or accessories to choose from. This is a great deal and one you won’t get again, so if you’re interested, grab it before the new year rings in.The NPD is the best sounding and performing phono stage we’ve ever built and one of the best A/D Converters on the market today.To get your $200 of Mobile Fidelity, click here, grab an NPC and we’ll take care of the rest.

Putting it in reverse

Over in the Paul’s Daily Post section of the website there’s been lots going on (which makes sense for a daily blog) including a method of easily setting up a subwoofer or main set of speakers called the Reverse Setup method. You can read about it here.We’ve covered how not to be a chump, working on our biases, planting new seeds, getting the pair of speakers you always wanted, and starting tomorrow, I describe my very first introduction into high end audio and encourage all of you to write up your own story of the first time.I’ll be sure and publish a few of the best stories and, after all, who doesn’t like a good story? If you want something stimulating to read each morning, sign up for my daily post series here.

In praise of the package

“I think I’m in love.

The object of my affection is, well, an object. A simple CD-Book, but one executed with such taste and care that there is pleasure simply in holding it, thumbing through its pages, discovering the images within and reading its brief but insightful essays—one from the artist, one from the composer’s biographer.”

Classical music expert Lawrence Schenbeck falls in love with a CD book and shares with us both in example and links. A great read here.

New MultiWave available

Beginning January 1, 2014, all P5 and P10 Power Plants shipped from the factory will have a new version of MultiWave installed called Variable MultiWave. This new MultiWave feature has six positions of strength and the user can select which one works best for them.This is a major feature upgrade for the Power Plants and helps connected equipment sound their best by adjusting the strength of the sine wave’s timing. If you’d like to find out more details on how this works and what it does, we’ve prepared a special page you can go to here.And the best news? We’re offering to upgrade any P5 or P10 Power Plant for free. This can happen by you going to this page and downloading the file, loading it onto an SD card and following the instructions. Or, you can go here and purchase a preprogrammed SD card if you’re in the States. I wish we could sell these outside the US but we haven’t figured out an easy way to do this. For those outside the US, you can simply download the files or contact your dealer for help.

Last of the videos

If you’ve been keeping up with the video series we put together on installing and tuning the Infinity IRS in Music Room One, video number 7 is finished and ready for you to view.Go here to take a look. We show the final setup in Music Room One, including all the equipment used to power these beauties and most important, I discuss how we got rid of the 25 Hz bump we had in the room.What we discover is that bass boom we experienced in the previous video is now gone and I explain how you too can apply the same fix to your own room if you have a bump or a dip in your room’s frequency response. And, let’s face it, none of us have perfect rooms. If we did, there’s be no need for tuning of any kind. Go here to watch this latest video.

And if setting up a subwoofer or even setting up your main speakers has been problematic, there’s an easy solution that we discuss in great detail on Paul’s Posts.

Jeff Lorber

“The once flourishing fusion era produced many great bands including Return to Forever, Weather Report, John McLaughlin, Herbie Hancock and Jean-Luc Ponty. One of my favorite fusioneers is The Jeff Lorber Fusion. Mr. Lorber has been formulating some savory grooves since The JLF’s debut project in 1977.Joining Jeff on this project as the core group were drummer Dennis Bradford, bassist Lester Barfield and saxophonist/flautist Terry Layne andspecial guests Chick Corea on minimoog, Joe Farrell on soprano sax and flute, Bruce Smith on percussion and Dean Reichart on acoustic and electric guitar. “This is one worth listening to and Keith has great video and samples to enjoy.

Keith Copeland gives us a rare look at a great artist, Jeff Lorber.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to writing to you again in the new year! Have fun and good listening.Paul McGowan
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