“Kick-ass dynamics and a richness…”

John Darko, publisher of Digital Audio Review, writes of DirectStream Junior, “”Kick-ass dynamics and a richness that tops a slight hint of caffeination with a short layer of cream“.

The review, entitled Digital Audio Comes Of Age With PS Audio’s DirectStream Junior, is ready for you to read and savor. Ted Smith’s brilliant and affordable creation, DSJ, defines affordable excellence and is based on the same technology as DirectStream.

And speaking of DirectStream, we were floored to find out that The Absolute Sound has created a new award category to honor the work of Ted Smith, designer of the DirectStream DAC and author of its continually updated DAC firmware. Because the DirectStream DAC improves with every firmware update, the editors of TAS decided it was time to add a category for firmware updates. And the award went to… PS Audio!

Take a look in the September issue of The Absolute Sound, on page 62.

Read the DSJ Review

Free ROON for a year!

Roon, the best music management program on the market today, the one that gets you closer to the music and the musicians than any other program, is now available to new DirectStream and DirectStream Junior owners, free!

Buy a DirectStream and we’ll throw in a free one year subscription of ROON. Buy a DirectStream Junior, (Bridge II is already built in) and get a free one year subscription to ROON. Or, if you already have a DirectStream or a PerfectWave DAC, simply buy a Bridge II and we’ll also throw in a free one year subscription to ROON.

This special runs now through the end of September. It is available through many of our US dealers, as well as directly from PS Audio.

And if you buy directly from us, you can save even more. We’ve now a new trade up program that’s the best I’ve yet seen. We’ll offer you the original MSRP for your old gear—whatever’s hanging out in your closet or what you’re replacing—when you buy one of these two fine DACs.

Whatever you paid when your old and tired unit was brand new, that’s what it’s now worth when you buy a new PS Audio product. Just click the Trade In And Save button for details when you’re on our webpage.

Get a DirectStream and ROON
Get a DSJ and ROON
Get a Bridge II and ROON

Dividing frequencies

Woofers, woof, tweeters, tweet, midranges… well, you get the idea. Most loudspeakers have multiple drivers to handle the range of frequencies found in music. Paul’s Posts have been covering the how and why networks called crossovers work. Along the way we’ve discussed single and multi-driver speakers, and as of late, we’re on to self-amplified speakers.

We’ll also cover external crossovers, I’ll tell you about a crazy speaker idea I implemented years ago, and we’ll take a look at John Curl’s famous Symmetry crossover – one of the more interesting and innovative designs I’ve yet run across.

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Copper Magazine


There’s a new look to Copper! Copper’s now been revamped to be easier to read, stay up to date with. We’ve gone wild! We think you’ll really like the changes we’ve implemented to our premier ad-free magazine on music, audio, and everything interesting to people like you and me.

Issue 12. Jim Smith joins the Copper editorial team with a great article entitled The ACK attack. W.L. Woodward introduces John Hartford, and Copper visits one of the most expensive pianos ever made.

Issue 13 is where we begin the new look, as well as a new two-part article by reviewer Jason Victor Serinus about one of my favorite forms of music, Opera.

Issue 14 launches Monday but we’ve made it available to Newsletter readers around the world, early. Click the link and enjoy one of our best issues yet. Subwoofers, a rare insider’s look at the making of the album Triage, and a new column, Back To Basics.

Sign up for Copper today and enjoy a whole different type of magazine.

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Your own power pole?

We’re an obsessive lot, a point few would argue. For the most part that benefits us because we get to enjoy music at home with a performance level few people on the planet get to experience.

How far can one go? A Japanese Audiophile has taken the idea that quality AC is important to new levels.

Read the article

Underwater Hockey?

Hockey’s played outside, right? Not so for one of PS Audio’s team members.

Our own superstar programmer, Tyera Eulberg, is captain of the US underwater hockey team.

Who knew?

Watch The Video

Paper Transistors?

Transistors are made from sand. Well, silicon to be specific, but sand none the less.

They’re also made of other materials with important sounding names, like germanium, or gallium arsenide.

Recently, two scientists have introduced the idea of using a more common (and easier to pronounce material), paper.

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