Listening rooms

Customers send us photo of their system and they are a joy to receive. Most are lower quality photos taken with mobile devices, though no less interesting or appreciated because of it. Keep ’em coming.

But once in a while we get lucky, like this shot from Bruce Jodar of Bozeman Montana. When Bruce first sent the photo, the photographer in me said “naw, the trees in back are Photoshopped in.” Looks great, but it’s not real. Oops. Bruce took the time to light up the room with strobes, balance the exposure and get this wonderful shot.

“We live up in the mountains outside Bozeman on 240 acres of wild land with bears, moose, elk, deer, etc. in the front yard.  The picture doesn’t really show the size of the room, which is quite large, with no reflective walls anywhere near the listening position and vaulted ceilings.

The wall between speakers is not ideal but the Dunlavy VI speakers are quite deep and the tube traps mitigate most reflections. Works quite well even though it’s not a dedicated listening space.  In fact, we invite the Muir String Quartet to play in our home every year and they sit directly in front of the stereo cabinet. The musicians tell me that the space is one of their favorites to play in so I think the acoustics are pretty good. This not only provides a unique opportunity to enjoy great chamber music up close and personal, but also a way to calibrate my ears for comparisons with recorded music in the same space.

Thanks to PS Audio’s hard work and dedication, that listening experience has achieved a new level of realism I never thought I could experience in my home.”

If you have pictures of your system, PS or not, share them with us.

Double Blind Testing

Paul’s Posts has been a bit daring lately, jumping feet first into the subject of double blind testing vs. another method I believe is much more accurate, SBT.

Here’s the deal. When we are put to the test choosing between an unknown unit, unit A or unit B, many of us, including me, clam up and turn our sensors off if circumstances aren’t optimal. Sure, it’s no problem in the comfort of our listening rooms under conditions we’re familiar with, but put to the test and being judged is a whole different ballgame that does not serve to further our art. During the course of a few posts I have discussed the whys and wherefores of this interesting subject and we look at how to test without prejudice. The comments from readers are perhaps more interesting than my own thoughts. I love it!

Tomorrow I share another personal story: why I am a vegetarian. I hope you’ll find the short series entertaining. Please join me.

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Bridge II Shipping
The Network Bridge is a plug in board for DirectStream and PerfectWave DACS. Connect an Ethernet cable, touch a track to be played on your iPad or computer and high resolution music sings through your system. We’re delighted to let you know Bridges are shipping and ready for insertion into your DAC.
Bridge II Information

Installing a Bridge
Installing a new Bridge II is easy and our customer service manager, Alex, will be happy to show you how in a new video. Check out the equipment behind Alex…
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