Vinyl, vinyl, and more vinyl!

If you’re into vinyl, really, really, great vinyl, then this is for you.

We just received three new releases of 180 gram virgin vinyl Octave Record’s classics. These are individually numbered, limited edition pressings on the world’s finest vinyl.

And they are remarkable sounding. Each right off the DSD master.

There’s our very first compilation release of the Audiophile Masters Series. The SACD sold out almost immediately, and chances are good so too will this new vinyl release. 

On the disc, there’s music from our sold-out Don Grusin’s Willow Dance and Gabriel Mervine’s Feel, and then there’s the sonic wonder called Saffron. 10 reference Audiophile tracks now available for the first time on pure vinyl.

Next in line is our vinyl release of Foxfeather’s The Nature of Things. This is a beautifully recorded kick-ass rock band: the kind of release that gets music lovers talking and feet tapping. Now available in 180-gram vinyl.

Last on our list but certainly not least is our single biggest selling album since we started Octave Records. The Audiophile’s Reference Guide is the quintessential setup disc, the one I use for every single setup I do. Amazing music, and perfect for making sure your turntable is set up properly as well as your system. A must-have for every Audiophile, this one won’t last long.

All three of these terrific vinyl releases are individually numbered and only available in this limited edition. We pressed only 500 copies of each release and when they’re gone, they’re gone (we’ve sold out of every vinyl release so far).

Two new releases

Not only do we have new vinyl, we have new music! Two great new albums from Octave Records. Jeremy Mohney’s Dreams of You and the latest Audiophile Masters.

Get ready to swing! Dreams of You by vocalist and alto saxophonist Jeremy Mohney is a stunning recording that hearkens back to classic swing-era and traditional jazz, yet is up to the minute, with a set of all-original songs recorded in extraordinary high-resolution DSD and SACD sound.

Audiophile Masters Volume V  is a beautifully hand-curated collection of the best from Octave artists. Track after glorious track, from jazz and heart-searching soul to lively acoustic picking, listeners will be treated to some of the best Octave has to offer.

Check out the Octave Record’s Catalog

Copper Magazine

In this issue: I remember Copper’s WL “Woody” Woodward and cover Octave Records’ new Audiophile Masters, Volume V. Ray Chelstowski interviews the Knack’s bassist Prescott Niles about his career and the upcoming Knack live album. Tom Methans meets Frank Sinatra a second time. Jack Flory remembers a day when his musical life changed. J.I. Agnew looks more closely into the workings of a classic Neumann lathe. Anne E. Johnson writes about Everything But the Girl, and eclectic clarinetist Don Byron. B. Jan listens to some relationship advice. Tom Gibbs does some sleuthing and discovers the story of the New York Audio loudspeaker company. Rich Isaacs recommends 10 more outstanding music documentaries.

Rudy Radelic enjoys his SweetVinyl SugarCube SC-1 Plus noise removal unit. Stuart Marvin sees through the murky landscape of music creation and ownership. Ken Kessler investigates high crimes and misdemeanors in reel-to-reel tapes. John Seetoo concludes his series with immersive audio’s power couple, Jim Anderson and Ulrike Schwarz. Andy Schaub takes Time for a Pink Floyd sendup. Andrew Daly interviews veteran rocker John Sloman about his new Two Rivers solo album and long career with Uriah Heep, UFO and others. Russ Welton concludes his thoughts on parametric equalization and loudspeakers. Copper reader Craig Evans shares his journey through music and audio. We wrap up the issue with an impatient audiophile, surrounded by memories, with something for everyone, and a silver lining.

Copper is cost-free, ad-free, and committed to great articles without an attitude.

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Matching components together

Here’s a little thought piece I wrote about a week ago.

One of the constant challenges we audiophiles face is the matching of components.

Pairing together two products to make musical magic.

We can rely upon a previous matching effort like that of the manufacturer. (An all PS system, for example, is a known quantity)

We can also rely upon the equipment matching suggestions of reviewers and their systems.

Or, we can boldly go forward and trust ourselves to make great matches.

However we get to the point of pairing together products to make the final output our systems are capable of, the goal is always the same.

Turn the lights low, press play, close your eyes, and connect yourself with the music.

Montreal Show Report

The recent high end audio show, known as the Montreal Audio Fest, just finished a few weeks ago.

My son, Scott, and I flew out to Montreal to set up the PS Audio FR30 loudspeakers for their very first public appearance. Though neither of us stayed for the actual show, we were there long enough to say hi to as many people as possible.

Both the show and the FR30s were a big success. Thank you to everyone who attended and had such kind words to say about our first public showing of these amazing loudspeakers.

After returning home we were thrilled to see a first-hand review on YouTube by Jay of Jay’s Inagi YouTube channel. Jay posted this great in depth look and comparison with the KEF Blades that were also on display at the show.

Have a watch if you’re interested in what he thought of the FR30s.

Watch the video


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