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The ongoing efforts to stem the spread of COVID-19 is working. Staying at home and maintaining social distancing are all helping to get us past the pandemic’s peak and starting to move us back to some semblance of normalcy. We will get there, especially if we band together to do what we can to help.

While every sector of worldwide economies and social structures have been impacted, it is especially gut wrenching to know that our musician friends are hurting pretty badly. With live events canceled, an entire industry important to music lovers all over the world has been hard hit. What would we do without our performers? To help, our friends at the Grammys have focused their efforts on their ongoing charitable outreach program, MusicCares.

MusicCares provides a safety net of critical assistance for music people in times of need. They’ve set up a special COVID-19 fund to help. You can donate here and Spotify will dollar-for-dollar match whatever is donated.

But there is more we can do.

Starting tomorrow, May 1, PS Audio is doing what we can to help both musicians and our community of stay-at-home music lovers. In a program we call Power The Performers, we’re going to make it easier to get one of our top performers in your hands and, at the same time, make a donation to MusicCares.

For the month of May, we’re lowering the US price on one of our top performers for systems and source equipment, the Stellar P3 Power Plant, by a whopping $700 bucks and then, for each sold, we’ll donate $100 cash to MusicCares. Combined with Spotify’s generous dollar-for-dollar matching program, for every P3 sold you can feel good that $200 will be made available to musicians in need.

The Stellar P3 provides perfect power for your performers and, at $1,499, is just what your sources need. At the end of May, we’ll tally up the number sold and cut a check to MusicCares. Every P3 sold comes with our famous free-shipping and hassle-free try-it-at-home guarantee. If you decide not to keep the P3, no worries, we’ll take it back and donate the $100 cash anyway.

The Power To The Performers special is available only to US residents. If you are outside the US, please check with your local distributor. We’re working hard with our international distributors to help them make P3s easier to afford in May as well as do what they can to help musicians.

M1200’s ship

Look at these two bandit-looking brothers, Manny and Danny, getting the new Stellar M1200 monoblock amplifiers ready for shipping! Yup, right on time and despite all the chaos, Stellar M1200s have shipped to beta testers and garnered rave reviews.

“The M1200s are the best sounding amps I’ve ever had in my system. They check off every box I can think of. Detail, clarity, punch, fun, huge soundstage, musicality, precision, body, smooth yet edgy when the recording calls for it, engaging (did I mention I got lost in the music more than once?), and oh yeah, fun. Even 70’s rock sounds good. Are they better than the M700s? By a lot. Are they worth double the price? I can’t answer that for anybody else but me. To me they are.”

“Why is this incredible improvement to my system happening?
Is it the Tubes?
The huge increase is wattage (increasing headroom)?
Whatever is inside causing the weight to double that of the M700s?

BEATS ME!!! I’ll leave the explanations to the engineers. But about this I’m 100% sure – the M1200s significantly upped the overall performance of my humble system more so than any of the dozens of tweaks and upgrades I’ve made to various systems over the years. Thank you PS Audio and my new electrical engineering Guru, Darren Myers. The downside of all this, however, is that now I’ll have to give serious consideration to Darren’s phono preamp – damn, this hobby never lets me just stay satisfied with what I’ve got.”

We’re accepting a limited number of preorders for this groundbreaking amplifier. If you’re interested, call us at 800PSAUDIO

$600 vinyl

Alright, alright, we know vinyl’s pricey, a lot pricier than CDs, but $600 for a hand cut vinyl album? Sure, why not?

The Electric Recording Co. of London England, which has been releasing music since 2012, specializes in meticulous recreations of classical and jazz albums from the 1950s and ’60s. Its catalog includes reissues of landmark recordings by Wilhelm Furtwängler, John Coltrane and Thelonious Monk, as well as lesser-known artists favored by collectors, like the violinist Johanna Martzy.

Its albums, assembled by hand and released in editions of 300 or fewer — at a cost of $400 to $600 for each LP — are made with restored vintage equipment down to its vacuum-tube amplifiers, and mono tape systems that have not been used in more than half a century. The goal is to ensure a faithful restoration of what the label’s founder, Pete Hutchison, sees as a lost golden age of record-making. Even its record jackets, printed one by one on letterpress machines, show a fanatical devotion to age-old craft.

While its founder, Pete Hutchison (pictured here) doesn’t quite seem to get our crowd when he says, ““Audiophiles listen with their ears, not with their hearts,” we can’t fault someone this dedicated for a statement like that.

You can read the entire NY Times article here.

ht to David McPhee for sending this to me.

Read the article here

Copper Magazine

It is with great sadness that we note the passing of Stereophile deputy editor Art Dudley. He was one of the finest men ever to grace the audio industry. My tribute to him is in these pages.

in this issue: Rich Isaacs begins a series on Italian progressive rock with a look at the great PFM (Premiata Forneria Marconi). Ken Sander takes us on a wild rock and roll ride with Eric Burdon and War. Professor Larry Schenbeck continues his series on immersive sound. WL Woodward gets jazzed about bass. John Seetoo concludes his series on legendary Yellow Magic Orchestra/film composer/techno-pop pioneer Ryuichi Sakamoto. In a special report we ask audio companies how they’re responding to the COVID-19 crisis.

Measurements don’t lie – or do they? J.I. Agnew offers a revealing look. Dan Schwartz is obsessed with stereo. Anne E. Johnson rides with Grand Funk Railroad. Jay Jay French talks about two of the most astounding audio systems he’s ever heard. We conclude the issue with cartoonist James Whitworth seeking varietyRealistic sound, and contemplation in the land of walnut trees.

Copper is cost-free, ad-free, and committed to great articles without an attitude.

Sign up for COPPER

Innovative tweeter

When North Carolina resident, Randy Crowell first sent me the picture of his innovation I was taken aback. I mean, it looks wild and whacky, right? A French horn powered by an iPhone.

But the more I read, the more I became impressed.

This is the spirit of innovation, a spirit I applaud and encourage.

Here’s Randy’s story:

“I became interested in vintage radios several years ago, restoring some and converting others to Bluetooth devices. About the same time, I started tinkering with passive horn amplifiers for use with cell phones. I happened to come across a french horn in an antique shop…..

Read the story in Paul’s Post

Staying safe and Axpona

In any other circumstances this image of our good friend and PS Audio community member, Mark Malboeuf, would have prompted folks to dial 911 and then turn and run. Instead, it’s a good way to add a little smile to the situation.

We all need to stay safe and strong as a community. With the recent announcement that the tradeshow AXPONA has officially been canceled for 2020, a decision we in the PS Audio Community heartily endorse, we are owning up to the tough realities that staying safe is more important than gathering together at our annual shindig. We’re assuming RMAF will also be canceled, though nothing yet has been announced.

I know it’s difficult and, at times, maddening. But, sometimes life throws us a few curve balls and we gotta roll with the punches and be safe. Now that I am out of tired old sayings, please, just to humor me if nothing else, be safe and respectful of keeping others around you safe. Let’s get to the other side unscathed so we can enjoy the wonders of our HiFi systems together again.


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