We shared a room with the good folks at Scaena loudspeakers and High-Fidelity Cables, while at Axpona in Chicago, last weekend. The speakers, room, and electronics performed perfectly together and we received great feedback from listeners.

Shows are always interesting. You have one day to cart all your stuff in, unbox it, set it up, make it sound good, clean the room, clear the empties, and look rested when the doors open the next day.

We do our best, but it’s a challenge.

Unlocking music

How important is break-in? Answers range from critical to “it’s all bullsh*t”. What we’ve experienced suggests break-in is not only real but essential to getting the best sound out of your system. 

We’re continually reminded of the benefits of break-in at the shows. The first day we demo the system it’s always tight and bright. The next day better, and the best happens on the last day.

Before we go to a show we try and run the equipment in for a few days. But that’s rarely enough. Cables, in particular, seem to need music playing through them for a few days before they sound their best.

Paul’s Post will spend a few days looking at the impacts, reasons, and speculations of why break-in is so important. I’ll also cover some of the most controversial aspects of break-in, like why its very mention sends so many engineer types into tailspins.

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Copper Magazine

Wouldn’t you think that when presidential campaigns and politicians use popular music to win votes the musicians would get paid? Not true, according to musician Jay Jay French. Read about it here.

Issue 30. Industry news, Schoenberg after Pierott, Bad Sound, The Final Frontier, Chasing the Dragon, BeBop Deluxe, Anaïs Mitchell.

Issue 31. American Symphonies, Nik Bärtsch, Whatever Happened to Tone?, When Pop Music Meets Politics, Something From Nothing, The Mother of all Speakers.

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Dynamic Range

Sadly we are getting used to overly compressed (read: crushed) sound. Classical is rarely compressed but rock and pop are getting worse.

People tend to forget what good dynamic sound “sounds like.”  So much so, the rebirth of the LP has made a comeback as the vinyl revival—which is odd considering vinyl has the lowest dynamic range potential of any medium.

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Vinyl Sales

The biggest maker of quality turntables, a company in the Czech Republic called SEV Litovel, has increased its production fourfold between 2009 and 2016, when it made 124,825 units.

Established in 1999 as a successor of the Communist era, state-owned electronics maker, SEV bet on a combination of quality and a reasonable cost. Starting with its own design, the company makes almost all parts that are carefully assembled by hand, piece by piece.

Austria’s Pro-Ject Audio Systems distributes the turntables globally under its Pro-Ject brand.

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