May 2013

May 2013

May 2013 PS Audio Newsletter

  • Munich High-End show
  • Building a Music Room series
  • UPnP Audio setup guide for Audiophiles
  • PerfectWave DAC II review
  • Coal to Coltrane is back
  • Golden Age of recordings

Welcome to May’s PS Audio Newsletter, we have a lot in store for you to go over and we hope you have a moment to read and enjoy thismonth’sbit of news from Boulder.

Munich High-End Audio show

We’ve been putting a lot of videos together as of late and you’ve been very kind with your support and viewership. Thanks, they’re fun to do. We built a YouTube channel that contains all the videos we publish and for those of you interested, you can click here to subscribe and get notification whenever we post a new video you might enjoy.

And speaking of videos, my son Scott and I attended the Munich High-End show to support our products, say hi to old friends, dealers, distributors and reviewers. Since I know many of you never had the chance to go, we put together a video that is different than just about every other such presentation out there.

Filled with plenty of scenes of new gear we also include a behind the scenes look at setup and lots of interviews with some of the most interesting people we know. I think you’ll beparticularlyimpressed with the ever-energetic AJ Van Den Hull showing off his new nano carbon cables. What a hoot!

To view the 25 minute romp through Munich, please click here.

Building a Music Room

If you follow along on my daily Paul’s Post series you’d know that I finally scored a pair of Infinity IRS loudspeakers for the listening room. Getting these 7.5 foot tall 4-column loudspeakers into the sound room is trouble enough, but we felt it would make sense to give the Music Room a facelfit, fix the many problems it had and preapre the room for these amazing Reference Standard speakers.

Along the way we’ve added Helmholtz Resonators, non-parallel walls, torn all the equipment racks out, built a special room for that equipment, plumbed in balanced cables and the list goes on.

As part of our YouTube channel we’ve produced an ongoing series of short videos that take you step-by-step through the process of building a state-of-the-art music room, the problems we’ve found and how we solved them. At the moment there are 5 parts to the series and if you haven’t watched yet, here’s a link to part 1. Enjoy.

UPnP setup guide for Audiophiles

if you’re streaming music to your high-end audio system over a network, chances are you’re using UPnP/DLNA services. Our PerfectWave Bridge and PerfectWave DAC, for example, are all UPnP discoverable and use the protocols I just mentioned. So too do NAS and hundreds of other products that takeadvantageof netwrok streaming.

If you’re streaming over USB to your DAC, then you’re not using UPnP but you certainly understand the joy and freedom streaming high-resolution audio affords you – you’re just tethered to your computer.

For those who are enjoying the freedom of network streaming, our goodfriendChris Connaker, publisher of Computer Audiophile, has just published a really well done complete guide to the subject. Pretty much everything you’d ever want to know about streaming is here. Click this link to read up on this important subject.

PerfectWave MKII gets reviewed

We just love it when a reviewer grabs hold of one of our products and gives it a thorough shakedown and listen. Karl Sigman of Audiophilia, an online high-end magazine, just spent a great deal of time thoroughly going over every aspect of the PWD MKII and if you have a chance, I’d appreciate it if you went here and took a read.

“The PS Audio PerfectWave MKII Digital Analog Converter is in the upper echelon of benchmark digital, particularly due to its extraordinary natural live performance sound, but also because of its price/performance ratio, especially if you consider the amazing technology within it that includes the ability to flawlessly play 32-bit FLAC files up to 192kHz. And then there is its simplicity and ease of use. Keep it on the NativeX mode, and the MP Apod filter option and forget about all else; just listen to music. We expect body, length, nose, and balance for the complex life experience of the finest wines. The MKII delivers just that for digital music.

The unit is not leaving my apartment any time soon, but my preamplifier is mighty scared — and rightly so. I am tempted to take cello lessons, too. The MKII gets my highest recommendation.”

Coal to Coltrane is back

In 2006 we produced an hour long video about electric power: how it is made, what it is, where it comes from, how it affects your system. We cover such interesting subjects as the War of Currents – the epic battle between two genius: Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. The outcome of that battle is with us today and affects everything in our lives.

We shipped over 40,000 copies of this video on DVD with Dolby surround and a lot of people really got a kick out of watching it.

Now it’s available on our YouTube channel as a streaming movie. What’s cool about this video is you actually wind up learning what’s really going on with electricity in perhaps clearer language than ever before. It’s non-technical, fun to watch and we travel all around the country to bring this to you.

Great commentary is provided throughout the video from the likes of Robert Harley, Wes Phillips, Steven Stone, Bruce Leek, Michael Fremer (he’shilarious!), Mark Schifter and many others that really help the production keep a good pace.

Terri generally falls asleep watching this about halfway through, but I suspect you’ll really enjoy.

Here’s a link to watch Coal to Coltrane.

The Golden Ago of Recordings

Ever wonder why so many of the older recordings, like those from the RCA Living Presence series, Deccas, Mercuries and other 50′ and 60’s recordings are so valued by many Audiophiles? It’s a good question, especially since equipment, microphones and recording studios are so much more sophisticated and better sounding today.

This is but one question we’re discussing over in the Paul’s Posts series of daily thoughts. Lately we’ve been spending time learning about direct coupling, capacitors, why they matter and how this works, then we’ve moved on to microphones and now recordings and why the question I just posed might be so.

If you think you’d be interested in waking up to a new idea, discussion or thought about high-end audio, music and just about everything in between, go here and give my daily emails a try. Easy to signup, even easier to unsubscribe if you want.

Until June

Thanks for reading the Newsletter and we hope you’ve enjoyed it.

In the spirit of building the new Music Room I still have the pair of Magneplanar Tympani III’s – which the upper modules are still new in the box – the lower bass panels valued by many as some of the best ribbon bass ever made. if you’re interested in purchasing this one-of-a-kind pair, let me know.

Over on the Community Forumswe’re doing a lot of discussions on computer audio, the new upcoming PS Audio power amplifier, the on-going testing of WaveStream or virtual soundcard software. Lots to read and get engaged in our community.

Paul McGowan

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