June 2013

June 2013

June 2013 PS Audio Newsletter

  • Getting all wet
  • Paul gets his new sound room
  • The last of the video series is up
  • Vinyl vs. analog and music affects your brain
  • The funny parts
  • Norman Brown

If you missed us we were all wet

Welcome to June’s PS Audio Newsletter. If you happened to have called the office today and the phone’s didn’t get answered, I apologize for that. We were all enjoying the annual PS Audio summer picnic and water fest at a local park here in Boulder.

Every year when the weather gets hot, Terri and Monica organize the event which includes a relay race with umbrellas and squirt guns, water balloon volleyball (just picture getting really wet) and before too long, all out chaos with balloon catapults, buckets thrown over people’s heads, well, you get the idea.

Tomorrow we’re back at it after drying off. Thanks for the understanding.

Paul gets his new music room

Check out the picture of the new main music room at PS Audio. Fully refinished and missing only the last part of our corner bass traps, the magnificent Infinity IRS are installed and running.

I gotta tell you, the sound we are getting is nothing short of breathtaking. In fact, so good and so much better than the older system these speakers are that I am now in the process of going through my entire library of CD’s, High Resolution discs and vinyl – one at a time – and re-categorizing them all.

Why? Because many that I thought weren’t worth using as reference material now just blow you away – and others, like some very old Mercury recordings I have, sound like – well – old Mercury recordings. Interesting, but not really great and worth my time to listen to them for sonic qualities.

One of the beauties of this system is its amazing ability to separate every instrument, recordingartifact and microphonetechniqueand present it in a non-judgmental way. In other words, this system does not put its sonic attributes onto the music – rather, it simply gives you what’s there in every detail imaginable.

I am extremely lucky to have this amazing system installed and the benefits to all our customers will be many as time goes on and we learn to evaluate all our designs, decisions and music once again.

If you’re in the Boulder area, you’re welcome to by and give it a listen.

Last in the series is ready to be viewed

If you follow along on my daily Paul’s Post series you probably know we’ve put together a video series about the building of the new Music Room with the Infinity IRS as the center piece.

The final installment in the series, part 6, is ready for you to view. I will warn you that it isn’t available on a mobile device – there’s some funny business with one of the cuts of music I used. Sigh. Sorry, you’ll have to use your computer.

Our YouTube channel features a growing number of videos to enjoy and next week I’ll be starting a new series about tuning the room. There you can watch as we get the corner bass traps working, how we positionloudspeakersand instructions on how you can get the most out of your high end audio system.

Vinyl vs. digital and music affects your brain

Over in the Paul’s Post series we’ve been getting fairly heated in our comments and observations about vinyl and digital – no, not the usual debate – but we ask the question how one can make a near-perfect digital copy of an analog vinyl disc, yet the opposite isn’t true. Think you know why? You may be surprised at the answers.

Plenty of info and debate about that one, plus coming in a few days a really interesting article we’re going to write about how music affects your brain and there may be some interesting insights you might not have thought about.

If you want to give my daily posts a try, just click here and we’ll sign you up. Free to join and read and even easier to unsubscribe if you don’t want them anymore.

The Funny Parts

Yes, classical music can be funny. This may come as a shock to many, including longtime fans of the genre. We’re brought up to believe just the opposite—that “classical” is synonymous with “serious,” and with “good,” “artistic,” and “boring.”

But that’s not really the case – or so our resident Musicologist Laurence Schenbeck writes. Here’s a great look at the lighter side of classical music – one worth the read if you’re into classical or not. Well written and a fun time. Click here to read Larry’s article.

Norman Brown

“When I think of smooth jazz, the first person that comes to mind is guitarist Norman Brown. Norman’s penchant for incorporating stellar musicianship with groove-oriented compositions has proven to be a formula for a very long and successful career.”

Keith Copeland, our resident jazzaficionado writes about the music of Guitarist Norman Brown and, as always, the article is packed with great videos of Norman playing his music. A real treat for the eyes and the ears.

Click here to enjoy Norman Brown.

A surprise in store for you in July

Thanks for reading the Newsletter and we hope you’ve enjoyed it.

Over on the Community Forumswe’ve posted a great guide of how to connect up using network audio, the Bridge, UPnP programs and apps. It’s a great guide and one we think you’ll find valuable. Next month’s newsletter we will officially announce the NuWave Phono Converter. Stay tuned.

Paul McGowan

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