April 2013

April 2013

  • What happened to spring?
  • Bread and Power Plants
  • PowerBase and NuWave review
  • A cheap tweak
  • Best classical of 2013
  • Bobby Lyle

Bread and Power Plants

What in the world does bread have to do with Power Plants? Well, as many of you know I am a bread snob – eating only crusty artisan breads relative to the nasty packaged cake bread types I used to eat as a kid and, I am also an audio snob, satisfied only when everything in my system sounds right.

We put together a new video that talks a bit about both bread and power but focuses mostly on what’s inside a Power Plant.

I wanted to show the difference between a passive power conditioner and an actual Power Plant and explain the difference between the two.

If you have a chance to watch the 6 minute video, you can go here and give it a whirl – and see what kind of bread I like as well.

PowerBase and NuWave reviews

Reviewer Roy Harris gives us the first review of the PS Audio PowerBase and we’re happy to give you a link to read about it here.

Appearing in the online magazine Audiophilia, Roy does a great job of describing everything about the PowerBase and how it works and what impact it has on the sound of your equipment.

PowerBases are a new category of product in the high-end and more and more people are discovering what they can do in their systems each month. You can read about the PowerBase here, or you can watch our video presentation on how we developed it and what is does here.

And not to be outdone by the PowerBase, we have two new review on our affordable NuWave DAC that’s been making major waves amongst high-enders all over the world.

The first is a complete review in the same magazine as Roy’s review, Audiophilia. This review, by Karl Sigman is extremely detailed and includes many great musical examples to explain exactly what he was hearing and why. You can access that review here.

Lastly, we started off apologizing to our French friends aboutmisusing their cherished wine region Champagne to describe Colorado powder so we’ll do a hats off to a terrific review of the NuWave in Gobuz magazine which you can read here. If you use Google Chrome for your browser (and why wouldn’t you?) just click on the translate button if your French is as bas as mine.

A cheap tweak

Over in the Paul’s Post department we’ve been focusing on why smaller is better when it comes to power amplifier power supplies. I’ve explained in some detail what the differences between the new generation of SMPS supplies are and why they are better with amps and not so good with DACS.

Tomorrow I offer readers a cheap tweak that seems to be making the rounds – extreme toe-in. One of my readers suggested I write about placing the speakers at 45 degree angles so that the center crosses over 3 feet in front of the listener, thus increasing the size of the sweet spot and radically changing the stereo image for the better.

If you’d like to read more on this subject you cansimply signupfor a daily dose of these thought provoking posts and get one each day. It’s easy to subscribe and even easier to unsubscribe if you’re not enjoying it.

Best of Winter 2013

Like Yogi Berra once said, it’s déjà vu all over again.

We’re not talking Mantle and Maris here, but rather dueling productions ofDie Meistersinger.Seems likejust last yearI was recommending a wonderful PentaTone set from a live performance by Marek Janowski and the Berlin Radio Symphony.

Lawrence Schenbeck gives us a terrific article for classical music lovers of what’s the best to buy.

Head here to enjoy this terrific article.

Bobby Lyles

Bobby Lyle is a very versatile keyboard player who is comfortable in many genres including jazz, soul, fusion and rock. Even though many listeners may not know him, they have probably experienced his immense talent without knowing it. Mr. Lyle has performed with Sly & the Family Stone, Ronnie Laws, George Benson, Bette Midler (music director), Al Jarreau, Anita Baker and Stanley Clarke. He even jammed with and was chosen to man the keys for a pretty good guitarist who was planning to form a new jazz-rock group who died before the band formed. That guitarist was none other than Jimmy Hendrix.

Keith Copeland gives us the lowdown on this great keyboardist.

Want to read more? Head right here and enjoy.

Until May

Thanks for reading the Newsletter and we hope you’ve enjoyed it. On a personal note I finally scored a pair of Infinity IRS speakers and they are on the way – the beasts have been on my radar ever since I first heard them at HP’s home many years ago. I am excited. I am also heading off to Brazil for a couple of days to introduce PS Audio to that country and then on the Munich for the high end show.

Over on the Community Forumswe’re doing a lot of discussions on computer audio, the new upcoming PS Audio power amplifier, the Virtual Sound Card and plenty more. Lots to read and get engaged in our community.

Paul McGowan

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