Resurrection Chapter 17

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Doctor Peter Walker had confirmed what Sam feared might be true. The Ancients. They were real. Ancient modern humans with technology that surpassed our own? No, it didn’t make sense. It couldn’t make sense…yet there was now no denying Satsky’s treasure. If it was real, why haven’t we uncovered their cities and other artifacts? Sam’s head hurt.

“Well?” Walker folded his arms.

“I.” Sam faltered. “I can’t tell ya’ just yet. Maybe it is a joke. Yeah, that’s probably what it is.”

Sam scooped up the artifact in its glass canister. “Thanks so much, Pete.” He walked out, thinking hard, up out of the basement and into the main hall. Just as he reached the front door, Walker ran in front of him and blocked his way.

“Hey. You are not leaving this building without telling me what’s going on. Where did this thing come from?”

“Pete, I have to think about this.”

“Greenland? Did you get it from Greenland? Crazy Satsky?”

Sam tried to push past him.

“Seriously?” Walker gripped the outer edge of the glass door.

Sam feinted to the right, then jammed to the left and through the door. Walker chased after, but gave up after Sam switched to a sprint.

He needed answers. He carefully packed the artifact in his backpack and headed for the University library, his head spinning with questions. His field of study, paleoanthropology, stretched back millions of years—he’d never paid much attention to more recent prehistory, and the Eemian period was relatively yesterday. He needed to understand the particulars of Earth’s last interglacial period, and how our recent ancestors were thought to have lived then.

Sam knew just where to go to find the answers.