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How to setup the Bridge II to stream MQA through Tidal

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Using rear toggle switch on your DirectStream DAC or DirectStream Junior, power down your unit. Power unit back up. Update Bridge— DirectStream DAC: Select Bridge II as input then press the Network Button.  Bottom of the screen will show available firmware update. Select update. DirectStream Jr: Long-press input button to enter setup-screen.  Short-press input button […]

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How to install the Windows driver for DirectStream, PWD MKII, NuWave and NPC

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Setting up on a Windows Computer requires the installation of our USB driver available for free download here. These instructions apply to the PerfectWave DAC MKII, the NuWave DAC, DirectStream DAC and NPC Phono Converter. Connect the DAC or NPC to your computer via USB Once you have downloaded the driver, but before you install […]

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How to update PerfectWave firmware

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One of the beauties of the PerfectWave products, DirectStream, PWD, PWT, P5 and P10 Power Plants, is the ease of which we can add features, update software and keep your device current and operating flawlessly. This is accomplished through updates to the firmware inside each unit. The firmware is the operating instructions the PerfectWave system […]

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How To Change Fuses In A PWD or PWT

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Fuses make a significant contribution to the way your system sounds. Making sure you have the best sounding fuses in place can many times make a big difference in performance. The fuse values for these units are 1 amp slow blow and each will use two (2) 5x20mm 1 amp slow blow fuses 1. UNPLUG […]

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