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How To Update Bridge II

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Bridge II is built into DirectStream Junior, and available as a network streaming option for DirectStream and PerfectWave DAC customers. Bridge II, with the latest firmware installed, can become a Roon Endpoint – making any of our DACs with Bridge II installed, Roon Ready. It can also work with the European streaming service Qobuz, and the internet […]

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How to setup JRiver 19 for DSD playback

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Setup PS Audio PerfectWave DSD DAC in JRiver version 19 with a USB connection to your computer (instructions for network streaming at the end of this page): Download and launch JRiver version 19.  Connect the PerfectWave DSD DAC to your Windows computer using a USB cable. Now to configure JRiver to play to the PerfectWave DSD […]

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How To Setup A Static IP Address

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DHCP is the standard means of routers and devices to connect over a network. DHCP basically means network devices will automatically be assigned an IP address (specific location). Sometimes DHCP will not make an automatic connection in your network. If this happens, and your connection to PS Audio’s Bridge is severed then you can instead create a static […]

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How to update with an SD card

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Many of PS Audio’s products enjoy the benefits of updates to keep them sounding great as well as fix bugs and make improvements to functionality. These updates are typically performed through the use of an SD memory card. This video explains how to perform this function. The types of SD cards and formatting them can […]

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How to upgrade the DirectStream Operating System

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One of the beauties of DirectStream and DirectStream Junior DACs are their ability to have their operating systems upgraded. Operating system upgrades bring new levels of performance to your DirectStream, similar to a physical hardware update. Operating system upgrades are typically free. Installing new firmware on DirectStream or DirectStream Junior is a simple procedure. The entire […]

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How to install a DSD kit

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The DirectStream DAC is one of the best DACS ever built. Many will wish to convert their older PerfectWave DACS to this new reference standard. Conversion Kits may be purchased to convert. The three videos below will help you make the installation easy and rewarding.

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How to run a bit perfect test with DirectStream

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We have a bitperfect test you can perform with your comper and DirectStream  Here are the reasons why you might wish to do this: There are multiple reasons people might want to have bit perfect transmission from their player to their DAC: 1)      They want to play DSD via DoP 2)      They want to send, DTS […]

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How to install the Windows driver for DirectStream, PWD MKII, NuWave and NPC

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Setting up on a Windows Computer requires the installation of our USB driver available for free download here. These instructions apply to the PerfectWave DAC MKII, the NuWave DAC, DirectStream DAC and NPC Phono Converter. Connect the DAC or NPC to your computer via USB Once you have downloaded the driver, but before you install […]

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How to update PerfectWave firmware

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One of the beauties of the PerfectWave products, DirectStream, PWD, PWT, P5 and P10 Power Plants, is the ease of which we can add features, update software and keep your device current and operating flawlessly. This is accomplished through updates to the firmware inside each unit. The firmware is the operating instructions the PerfectWave system […]

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How to play DSD files on Foobar

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DirectStream is able to play DSD files from a computer over USB, or the coaxial, balanced or I2S inputs.  To do so, the DSD files need to be converted to DoP (DSD over PCM).  This process is typically handled on the fly by programs like JRiver.  Foobar, the free Windows media player can be setup […]

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