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SD Card questions

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Several PS Audio products use Secure Digital (SD) cards for various purposes.  The most prevalent use is for updating the firmware in the internal microprocessors. Earlier PS Audio products (circa 2009-2010) were restricted to using SD cards that had a size limit of 2GB max.  More recently, products (like DirectStream) have been tested with SD […]
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How to play DSD files on a PWT

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While this method is a workaround, it is possible to play single rate DSD files on a PWT (PerfectWave Transport Memory player) if you convert the files first. The PWT can play WAV files with a sample rate of up to 192kHz and a bit depth of 24 bits. To play a DSD file, it […]
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Converting DSD to PCM, bad?

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Hi i have read and watch the things with TED and your direct stream dac. I came across this one It states that conversion between format dsd and pcm is an unwanted thing. Can you explain how your DAC benefits from the conversion rather than not? Answer: Well converting DSD to low rate PCM is […]
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