December 3rd, 2018

    Welcome to Copper #73!

    While the saying, "days drag, years fly by" is annoying---it does seem to be true. Welcome to December: notable for three issues of Copper!

    ...and, oh, some holidays. For starters, Happy Hanukkah!

    The Copper Interview is back with our friends John Seetoo and Tom Fine---we get the skinny on Tom's remastering of Mercury Living Presence recordings for release on vinyl, by Chad Kassem's Analogue Productions label. Chad, of course, was interviewed by John back in issue #33.

    On to our regulars: Larry Schenbeck writes about musical collaboratorsDan Schwartz's look at Bernie Leadon is revisited; Richard Murison writes above my pay grade and intellectual level; Jay Jay French brings us a very cool story about a little-known mover and shaker in the NYC music scene; Roy Hall brings tales of food and familiesAnne E. Johnson brings us lesser-known work from the huge Heart catalog; Christian James Hand deconstructs the Stevie Nicks song, "Stand Back" ; Woody Woodward concludes his two-parter on Bessie Smith; and I trip the laser light fantastic in phono technology, and look at magical materials in audio.

    Industry News looks again at the bumpy rides experienced by Monster Products and Sonos; In My Room continues with more on Ken Fritz’s massive speaker/listening room project.

    Don Kaplan is back with the answer to the musical question, "does this make my sackbut look big?"---Okay, it's about the vital early music scene in the SF Bay area....

    Copper #73 wraps up with investment advice from Charles Rodrigues, and a striking Parting Shot from Brazil.

    Enjoy, and we'll see you in two weeks!

    Cheers, Leebs.
    [Everyone knows the Sandy Denny and Judy Collins versions---I think Nina Simone's rather wistful tone fits the lyrics better.]




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    Iguazu Falls

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