July 30th, 2018

    Welcome to Copper #87!

    Family business had me on a plane yet again, this time to Las Vegas---and believe me, it takes family to get me to Vegas in June. Daytime temps generally exceeded 100 degrees F, with single-digit humidity and that wonderful acrid dusty desert smell. I know plenty of people who love the place, but.... I thought Colorado was dry, but it's the Garden of Eden compared to Vegas.

    Years ago, I visited Roy Hall's room at CES and complimented Roy on the room's scenic view. Roy waved dismissively at the picture window and said, "Las Vegas is a waste of a perfectly good desert."

    Who am I to disagree?

    What's up with our regulars? Dan Schwartz  begins the complicated tale of where he's been; Richard Murison regales us with the human history and grisly toll of Everest ; Jay Jay French tells us about the horrors of a music-free life during a renovation; Roy Hall does not enjoy a visit to Moscow; Anne E. Johnson’s Off the Charts offers some of Billy Joel's lesser-known cuts; Woody Woodward brings us Part 2 of the story of Django Reinhardt; Anne’s  Trading Eights features vocalist Dianne Reeves; and I muddle through that objective/subjective thing again in The Audio Cynic, and conclude the history of Empire (whew!) in Vintage Whine.

    We conclude our excerpts from Michael Stuart Baskin's memoir363 Days in Vietnam: A Memoir of Howitzers, Hook-Ups, & Screw-Ups From My Tour of Duty 1968 to 1969, and thank Michael for the opportunity to share his story. continue with part 3 of my look at this year’s Munich show---and we ain't done yet!

    Our friend B. Jan Montana takes us around THE Show in Long Beach---and it seems to have been a good time. Sorry to have missed it.

    Copper #87 wraps up with Charles Rodrigues resting in an audio wayand an unusual Parting Shot from our friend Rich Isaacs.

    Cheers, Leebs.

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