May 22nd, 2022

    Thanks, mom. For everything.

    “La, la la la, la la la, la la la,
    Sing a simple song,
    We all belong,
    Only to Time…”

    – Jim Dawson, “City Song/Simple Song" (click below to listen)

    [audio mp3=""][/audio]


    Audio designer and reviewer Bascom King recently passed away at the age of 84. He was chief engineer for Infinity Systems and did design work for Marantz, Constellation and many others including PS Audio, whose BHK Series electronics bear his initials. RIP to a true audio legend and an inspiration to so many. We will have a full tribute to him in Issue 164.

    In this issue: I continue our coverage of AXPONA 2022, and talk about new vinyl releases from Octave Records. Ken Kessler keeps spinning reel-to-reel tape tales. Ray Chelstowski interviews Ronnie Barnett of the Muffs in celebration of the reissue of their landmark Really Really Happy album. Rich Isaacs ponders live versus recorded music. Tom Methans gazes into the heaviness of Slayer. Rudy Radelic races…or maybe putters…through the 24 Hours of Lemons road rally. Ken Sander gets pranked on public access TV. John Seetoo begins a two-part series on an American original, singer/songwriter Shelby Lynne.

    Our Mindful Melophile Don Kaplan ponders some percussive performances. J.I. Agnew continues his in-depth (groove depth, in this case) series on record cutting lathes. Anne E. Johnson looks at the careers of jazz pioneer James Reese Europe, and the Everly Brothers, and B. Jan Montana admires a Big Brother. Andrew Daly talks with Cathal Coughlan of Telefís, Microdisney and other Irish bands. Russ Welton has an unusual customer. Guest writer Ted Shafran concludes his interview with Andrew Rose of the Pristine Classical label. We conclude the issue with some hot jazz, lightning, ambient music, and continental geography.

     Staff Writers:

    J.I. Agnew, Ray Chelstowski, Cliff Chenfeld, Jay Jay French, Tom Gibbs, Roy Hall, Rich Isaacs, Anne E. Johnson, Don Kaplan, Ken Kessler, Don Lindich, Stuart Marvin, Tom Methans, B. Jan Montana, Rudy Radelic, Tim Riley, Wayne Robins, Alón Sagee, Ken Sander, John Seetoo, Dan Schwartz, Russ Welton, Adrian Wu

    Contributing Editors:
    Ivan Berger, Steven Bryan Bieler, Andrew Daly, Jack Flory, Harris Fogel, Steve Kindig, Ed Kwok, David Snyder, Bob Wood

    “Cartoon Bob” D’Amico

    James Whitworth, Peter Xeni

    Parting Shots:
    James Schrimpf, B. Jan Montana, Rich Isaacs (and others)

    Audio Anthropology Photos:
    Howard Kneller, Steve Rowell

    Frank Doris

    Paul McGowan

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     – FD

    How AXPONA Got Its Groove Back, Part Two

    Part One of this report appeared in Issue 162. To…

    The Muffs’ Ronnie Barnett: Really Really Happy Again

    You probably know the Muffs from their 1995 cover of…

    Shelby Lynne: An American Original, Part One

    The tale of actress Kim Novak is one of Hollywood’s…

    Public Access TV, Part Two: Ken Gets Pranked

    As time progressed, I added two more public access television…

    Octave Records Releases The Audiophile Reference Disc and Foxfeather’s The Nature of Things on Vinyl LP

    PS Audio’s Octave Records has released two more titles on…

    Back to My Reel-to-Reel Roots, Part 15

    Producing what one considers to be revelations from what is…

    The Big Bang Theory

    As I’ve mentioned before in this column, when I was…

    The Everly Brothers: In and Out of Harmony

    With their boyish good looks, energetic and hummable tunes, and…

    Pilgrimage to Sturgis, Part 21

    There’s something about a garage that makes guys feel comfortable.…

    Around the World In 80 Lathes, Part 13

    Previous installments discussed various design approaches to record lathe cutter…

    Live Versus Recorded Music

    I went to a rock concert a couple of weeks…

    Customer Relationship Management: Give it Some Stick!

    Almost 20 years ago, my family and I took over…

    Rallying With Lemons, Part One

    I’ve liked cars back since my days as a youngster…

    Gazing Back Into the Abyss

    This past May 2 marked the ninth anniversary of thrash…

    James Reese Europe: Jazz Rhythm in Army Boots

    There are great bandleaders, great composers, and great organizers, inventors,…

    Lightning Strikes

    Cathal Coughlan: From Microdisney to Telefís, Always Progressing

    Acclaimed Irish singer-songwriter Cathal Coughlan, formerly of Irish rock bands…

    Pristine Classical: Preserving Priceless Historical Recordings, Part Two

    In Issue 162, we profiled Pristine Classical, a company dedicated…

    Ambient Music

    The Luxman L3 integrated amplifier, sporting one of the coolest…

    Running Hot and Cold

    Across the Great Divide

    Monarch Pass, near the United States Continental Divide, Colorado.
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