July 5th, 2021

    We’re proud to announce that Copper writer Alón Sagee, chief troublemaker of the San Francisco Audiophile Society, has received the society’s first Founder’s Award. It happened in a surprise ceremony during the Society’s June 27 Zoom meeting. Here’s a picture after his wife gave him the award, with yours truly witnessing the event online. Said Alón: “Here’s a shot my wife took seconds after she handed me the award. I look like I’m in shock, which I was. Good to have you on the screen being witness to what my sneaky and wonderful board members did for me.” Congratulations!



    WL Woodward will be back soon with Part Two of his Tom Waits series.

    In this issue: Ray Chelstowski interviews John Lynskey, the Allman Brothers historian, about the release of the Brothers 50th anniversary concert. Stuart Marvin takes us behind the scenes of Metallica’s WorldWired tour with a talk with road warrior Mike Washer. Jay Jay French has a tale of two systems. Anne E. Johnson goes country with Tanya Tucker and sets the Wayback Machine for the 18th century and Luigi Boccherini. John Seetoo delves into the AES Show Spring 2021 and the psychology of audio. Alón Sagee has some Chinese food for thought. Rudy Radelic continues his series on the music of jazz great Cal Tjader. Adrian Wu considers present day iterations and restorations of the classic Garrard 301 turntable.

    We welcome new contributor Harris Fogel, a photographer and journalist who gives us a look at some of the people behind The Home Entertainment (T.H.E.) Show. B. Jan Montana meets someone with a charmed life. Tim Riley reviews a different take on Brahms’ piano concertos by András Schiff and the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment. J.I. Agnew’s Giants of Tape series moves ahead with a look at the rare Telefunken M15A. Ken Sander remembers the Ramones’ early years. Russ Welton interviews film and TV composer Guy Michelmore, who also does uniquely entertaining YouTube videos. Steven Bryan Bieler asks: what’s the B.F.D. about R.E.M.? We close out the issue with a trained ear, slim pickings at the record store, twice the listening pleasure, and a tough golf course.



    Staff Writers:

    J.I. Agnew, Ray Chelstowski, Cliff Chenfeld, Jay Jay French, Tom Gibbs, Roy Hall, Rich Isaacs, Anne E. Johnson, Don Kaplan, Don Lindich, Tom Methans, B. Jan Montana, Rudy Radelic, Tim Riley, Wayne Robins, Alón Sagee, Ken Sander, Larry Schenbeck, John Seetoo, Dan Schwartz, Russ Welton, WL Woodward, Adrian Wu

    Contributing Writers:
    Ivan Berger, Steven Bryan Bieler, Harris Fogel, Robert Heiblim, Ken Kessler, Stuart Marvin, Bob Wood

    “Cartoon Bob” D’Amico

    James Whitworth, Peter Xeni

    Parting Shots:
    James Schrimpf, B. Jan Montana, Rich Isaacs, Rudy Radelic (and others)

    Frank Doris

    Paul McGowan

    Advertising Sales:
    No one. We are free from advertising and subscribing to Copper is free.

     – FD

    Ancient Garrard Turntables: Still Relevant Today? Part Two

    In Part One (Issue 139), Adrian Wu outlined a history…

    The Allman Brothers and the Making of the 50th Anniversary Concert

    When Jaimoe, one of the last surviving original members of…

    The Ramones, Early On

    It was a conference call from Linda Stein and Danny…

    Cal Tjader, Part Three: Odds and Ends

    Eddie Palmieri, The Skye Records Era, Savoy Records, and Huracan…

    A Tale of Two Systems…

    …and a podcast announcement. I now have a podcast called…

    Chinese Food for Thought

    After five weeks consuming the compromised cuisine of Mongolia –…

    Tanya Tucker: Delta Dawn Never Sets

    Child stars have a way of losing their luster in…

    The Giants of Tape, Part Seven: The Telefunken M15A, Part One

    To follow a few installments dedicated to Ampex (Issues 136…

    The Chamber Music of Luigi Boccherini: Elegance, Always

    In his own day, Luigi Boccherini (1743-1805) was decidedly retro.…

    What Was the B.F.D. About R.E.M.?

    My neighbor is a generation younger than me. I’ll call…

    A Charmed Life

    One of the attendees I met at The Home Entertainment…

    Born-Again Brahms

    The intrepid Hungarian pianist András Schiff has pressed against received…

    Record Store Dazed

    AES Show Spring 2021, Part Two: Psychology and the Human Perception of Audio

    As a result of COVID-19, AES Show Spring 2021, named…

    The Home Entertainment (T.H.E.) Show: People and Photos

    After trade show after trade show were understandably cancelled due…

    Metallica: An Inside Look

    When my good buddy James asked if I’d like to…

    Guy Michelmore: Film and TV Composer, YouTube Educator

    Guy Michelmore is a creative powerhouse. His talents have made…

    Swept Away

    The Klipschorn Decorator Birch was a less-expensive unfinished version of…

    Trained Ear

    Alone Together

    Devils Golf Course, Death Valley National Park, California, October 2018.…
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