June 7th, 2021

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    In this issue: We launch a new column, Speaker Builder, with an interview with PS Audio’s head speaker designer Chris Brunhaver. Anne E. Johnson gives insight into opera composer Jean-Baptiste Lully and the Indigo Girls. Ken Sander gets a job at Elektra Records. Don Kaplan begins another new column, The Mindful Melophile, covering recommended recordings. J.I. Agnew’s The Giants of Tape series features the rare and mighty MCI JH-110. Russ Welton concludes his interview with producer, film composer and musician C.J. Vanston and continues his explorations into subwoofer optimization.

    Stuart Marvin looks at the iconoclastic musical career of Chris Whitley. Richard Murison asks: DSD; Is it PCM, or isn’t it? Tom Gibbs explores various reissues from progressive rockers Yes. Ray Chelstowski covers the new Herbie Hancock anthology from Vinyl Me, Please. Alón Sagee goes up against a not-so-great-Wall. John Seetoo ponders: how much do we really hear when we listen? Rudy Radelic begins a comprehensive series on the music of Cal Tjader and Cliff Chenfeld gives us more recommended new music in the latest installment of Be Here Now. Our audio/visual department wraps up the issue with unwanted surface noise, nearfield listening, a reel swingin' party and a nightingale’s song.

    Staff Writers:

    J.I. Agnew, Ray Chelstowski, Cliff Chenfeld, Jay Jay French, Tom Gibbs, Roy Hall, Rich Isaacs, Anne E. Johnson, Don Kaplan, Don Lindich, Tom Methans, B. Jan Montana, Rudy Radelic, Tim Riley, Wayne Robins, Alón Sagee, Ken Sander, Larry Schenbeck, John Seetoo, Dan Schwartz, Russ Welton, WL Woodward, Adrian Wu

    Contributing Writers:
    Ivan Berger, Steven Bryan Bieler, Robert Heiblim, Ken Kessler, Stuart Marvin, Bob Wood

    “Cartoon Bob” D’Amico

    James Whitworth, Peter Xeni

    Parting Shots:
    James Schrimpf, B. Jan Montana, Rich Isaacs (and others)

    Frank Doris

    Paul McGowan

    Advertising Sales:
    No one. We are free from advertising and subscribing to Copper is free.

     – FD

    Subliminal or Sublime Bass?

    In issue 137, Russ discussed the advantages a subwoofer or…

    Woods, The Weather Station, A Touch of Sault and More

    Welcome to the new edition of Be Here Now, a column/playlist…

    Elektra – My Record Company Gig

    We were starting to level off and the pilot said,…

    In a Latin Jazz Bag: The Recordings of Cal Tjader, Part One

    Cal Tjader is a musician I have followed most of…

    How Much Do We Actually Hear When We Listen?

    In March 2021, The Wall Street Journal published an article…

    DSD – Is It PCM, Or Isn’t It?

    A few weeks back, a prominent person in the audio…

    Size Counts

    “The Mindful Melophile” is a new column that will appear…

    Indigo Girls – The Bards of Athens

    It’s rare for someone you met in elementary school to…

    The Not-So-Great Wall

    In the year 2002, my penchant for off-the-beaten-path travel was…

    The Giants of Tape: The MCI JH-110, Part One

    In the last few installments in this series, California was…

    Chris Brunhaver, PS Audio’s Head Speaker Designer

    Chris Brunhaver is the head loudspeaker designer at PS Audio.…

    Chris Whitley: A Nonconformist

    The definition of a nonconformist is “a person whose behavior…

    Jean-Baptiste Lully – The Sun King’s Favorite

    In the 1600s, it was generally agreed that opera was…

    Nearfield Listening

    Classic Yes in the Digital Age

      My love for the band Yes goes all the…

    C.J. Vanston – Producer, Film Composer, Musician, Part Two

    In Part One (Issue 137), producer/composer/musician C.J. Vanston talked about…

    VMP Anthology: The Story of Herbie Hancock

    Vinyl Me, Please (VMP) is a company dedicated to creating…

    Phone-ing It In

    And he continues to animate the party…the Continental 401 tape…

    Surface Noise

    Song of the Nightingale

    “Before the morning comes, will I hear your song?” Roxy…
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