February 10th, 2020

    Copper has been moving to increase its audio-related articles. We intend to bring you more about audio tech, interviews and company profiles, show reports and other audio subjects.

    That said, our music and other coverage of "the good stuff," as the masthead proclaims, will continue to flourish. We have an exceptional group of writers, not just IMHO but others have noticed – John Seetoo got a Facebook shout out from master guitarist Steve Hunter himself, for John’s Lou Reed article in Issue 103. And how could Copper not write about Beethoven’s 250th birthday?

    In memoriam: The rock music world recently lost musician-composer-filmmaker Ivan Král (71), Patti Smith’s long-time bassist, guitarist and vocalist, and Andy Gill (64), guitarist for seminally influential post-punk band Gang of Four. Král played on many of Smith’s albums including the landmark Horses and wrote songs for Smith, U2, Simple Minds, Iggy Pop, David Bowie and others. Andy Gill’s sparse, cutting guitar style was a defining element of Gang of Four’s angular yet danceable sound and influenced uncountable guitarists to follow. I saw Gang of Four play The Ritz in New York in the early 1980s and they rocked the house so hard the roadies had to hold onto the PA stacks to keep them from falling over during the show. RIP.

    In this issue: Professor Larry Schenbeck and Anne E. Johnson celebrate a monumental musical milestone: the 250th birthday of Ludwig van Beethoven. Anne also traces the career of the Kings of Leon. WL Woodward contributes Part Two of his major piece on Grateful Dead sonic wizard Owsley “Bear” Stanley. Tom Gibbs finds more crates to dig through, from comedy to the Cramps. J.I. Agnew gives us the first installment of “Secrets of the Phono Cartridge.” Wayne Robins examines the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

    Bob Wood finds that radio station hijinks know no borders. Roy Hall has a run-in with the cops and Don Kaplan with school delinquents. I initiate a new series, “Confessions of a Setup Man.” Dan Schwartz tells us how he almost hit it big in a project with AT&T Labs. John Seetoo adds Part Two of his story on John Strohbeen and Ohm Acoustics. The issue concludes with cartoonist James Whitworth recommending a sound pension plan, an A1 speaker system and a Parting Shot celebrating a special bond.

    Confessions of a Setup Man, Part One

    This is the first in a new series about my…

    Border Crossings and Power Plays

    WKBW Buffalo Out of radio station CHAM and still living…

    Beethoven Begins

    When did Beethoven become Beethoven? That is, when did he…

    Adventures in Audio: AT&T and Me

    Way back in the very early days of the World…

    Cop Tales

    First Phone Call: “Let me speak to Mary.” “I’m sorry,…

    Band of Brothers: Kings of Leon

    Hard to believe, but it was 20 years ago when…

    Secrets of the Phono Cartridge, Part One

    Phonograph disc reproduction cartridges (phono cartridges as they’re known to…

    Bear: The Owsley Stanley Story, Part Two

    As reclusive and protective of his identity as Owsley “Bear”…

    Cleveland Rocks. Does the Rock Hall?

    The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum began…

    Beethoven: Recent Piano Concerto Recordings

    It’s come at last, after months of industry hype: the…

    Mr. Don and the Delinquents

    During the 1970s I had an opportunity to teach a…

    Crate Digging, Part II

    More crate digs, and leading off with a couple of…

    Ohm Acoustics, Part Two: An Inside Look

    The Columbia Street Waterfront District of Brooklyn is technically in…

    An A1 Speaker System


    A Sound Pension Plan

    Friends from Sunrise to Sunset

    Taken at the Santa Fe Ranch, Nogales, Arizona.
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