The Run-Out Groove

    This Year’s Model

    The Seeker

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    Auditory Masking

    Thrown for a Loop

    Holes in the Story

    A Little Traveling Music

    Head Trip

    Surface Noise

    A Small Eternity

    Trained Ear

    Bad Hair Year

    Stop Breakin’ Down

    Love at First Bit

    No Respect

    Dancing Daze

    Workin’ on a Groovy Thing

    Double Duty

    The Need for Speed

    The Heart of the Matter

    Flying Off the Handle

    Music Therapy


    Holiday Advice

    New Year’s Resolution

    Go Easy On Me

    They’ve Got Your Back

    Control Freak Out


    Impatient Audiophile

    Second Thoughts

    Wardrobe Malfunction

    Separation Anxiety

    The Healing Power of Music

    He Knows…

    Phase Shifter

    Amplifier Breakup

    A Pointed Opinion

    A Sound Pension Plan


    Can’t Keep It Clean

    Are Ewes Listening?

    Split Personality

    The Spice of Life

    The Look of Love

    Art Appreciation

    Passed Down Through Generations

    Solitude Standing

    The New Normal

    Alternate Reality

    Beat the Clock

    Auditory Masking

    Speaker Sensitivity

    Disappearing Act

    Change In the Weather

    Separation Anxiety

    Hair Conditioner

    Listening to the Replacements

    Non-Linear Audio


    Timing Is Everything

    What Goes Around, Comes Around

    Transfer Function

    Unlucky Man

    Lost in Translation

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