Idle Chatter

    Greg Tate, In Memoriam

    In December of 2021, we lost the effervescent, warrior soul…

    Kevin Whelan of the Wrens and Aeon Station

    Kevin Whelan is an indie-rock veteran who had long been…

    John Sloman: Rocking With Lone Star, Uriah Heep, UFO, and On His Own

    We recently dug in with veteran front man and dynamic…

    Envy of None: Alex Lifeson of Rush Joins a New Band

    Fans longing for new music from legendary Canadian progressive rocker…

    Chris Haddox: A Decades-in-the-Making Debut

    Chris Haddox’s journey through music is like no other. Having…

    Mickey Finn of Jetboy: Glam Metal Lives!

    The 1980s glam metal scene is retrospectively revered by some…

    Cathal Coughlan: From Microdisney to Telefís, Always Progressing

    Acclaimed Irish singer-songwriter Cathal Coughlan, formerly of Irish rock bands…

    Offering Solace: An Interview With Held By Trees

    For fans of bands like Talk Talk, Pink Floyd, Dire…

    The Beatles or the Stones: Who’s Better?

    It’s a debate we’ve all heard before: “Who’s better? The…
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