This issue’s cover: of course, the Beatles in their iconic 1967 Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band garb. An album that defined a generation.

I’m sitting here staring at the computer screen and I can’t think of a freakin’ thing to write.

OK, I’ll write about that.

We’ve all been through adversity. But this feels different. Forced isolation for many of us (I live on Long Island, now subsumed by any Covid-19 map you may care to look at), disruption of normal life, endless scary news on TV, economic upheaval. We’ve been trying to suck it up, but it’s getting harder. How can it not?

What the heck am I trying to say? Maybe it’s just…it’s normal and OK to feel unmotivated, uncertain and scared at times as we’re going through this. I pick up a guitar to learn some new jazz chord and say, nah and go to the refrigerator instead. I scroll through 200 Netflix shows and don’t want to watch any of them.

But we’ll get through this, by compassion, togetherness and strength. And, yes, humor, even if it can be tough to find the headspace to laugh. And it’s a comfort to know we’re not alone. In our little corner of the world, being part of the Copper community is certainly helping me get through these times. I hope it’s shining a little light in your world too.

In this issue: we are honored to present an exclusive interview by with Mat Weisfeld, president of VPI Industries, interviewed by Jay Jay French. The company has shifted production from turntables and other products to hand sanitizer and face shields.

Anne E. Johnson offers a fascinating look into Baroque music – in Central and South America. J.I. Agnew concludes his series on linearity in audio. Jersey boy Robert Heiblim reflects on his audio revelations. Professor Larry Schenbeck dives into the first of a two-part series on immersive sound. WL Woodward presents an overview of Chicago guitar hero Terry Kath. John Seetoo launches a two-part series on legendary Yellow Magic Orchestra/film composer/techno-pop pioneer Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Tom Gibbs considers albums from Roger Eno and Brian Eno, Al Di Meola, the Boomtown Rats…and Mandy Moore! Rudy Radelic continues our new column, “Complete Recovery,” with more takes on unusual cover versions. In “Confessions of a Setup Man” I get myself grounded. Dan Schwartz ponders his musical origins. Rounding out the issue, our audio/visual department wrestles with a split personality, listens to the Admiral and enjoys a sunset on the beach.

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