Near The Valley of Rocks in Lynton, England is a coastal stretch of land that is truly dramatic, with a landscape that has endured intense weathering. Here it is rugged and ancient, permanent in its stance against the elements. This stoic tree appears as if it is offering its arms to those who would sit in its company.

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    1. Listen carefully to the whispering branches of a tree
      The knowledge and insight they provide is free.
      They can be there for over a hundred years.
      In autumn and fall, their leaves drop like tears.
      They provide shelter from the sun and the rain.
      Childhood memories there was always a tree in the garden.
      We give thanks for the stately beauty of a Tree.
      The Tree holds a magical key.
      The Tree provides an escape from the business of life.
      Feel the peace of sitting under a tree.
      From there is the realization that God exists.
      Remember that only God can make a Tree.

      ~ Andrew Pell

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