Opening Salvo

    With Age Comes Wisdom

    Issue 136

    I was hanging at the assisted living facility and an elderly Puerto Rican woman came up to me and said, “wisdom is wasted on the old!”

    In this issue: Anne E. Johnson stirs our souls with pieces on Sam Cooke and Antonio Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons. Wayne Robins reviews Van Morrison’s Latest Record Project, Volume 1. Ray Chelstowski interviews Marc Ribler, musical director for Steven Van Zandt. Dan Schwartz considers whether to leave audio gear on or off. John Seetoo concludes his story about the early days of digital film sound. I interview Copper’s Cliff Chenfeld, co-founder of indie label Razor & Tie, Kidz Bop and the WonderBus and WonderStruck music festivals. Tom Gibbs dreams of effortless audio streaming, and Andy Schaub has a look at some of the streaming services out there. J.I. Agnew continues his series on legendary tape machines with an interview with Greg Reierson of Rare Form Mastering. Jay Jay French offers an appreciation of British rockers the Move.

    Rudy Radelic continues his series on the jazz side of composer Henry Mancini. I look at Octave Records’ latest release, the Audiophile Masters, Volume 1 compilation. Stuart Marvin spotlights the roles of the other two members of the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Noel Redding and drummer Mitch Mitchell in particular. Russ Welton talks with musician/producer/engineer Tom Newman about Mike Oldfield and Tubular Bells, the early days of Virgin Records and more. Russ also looks at the relationship between musical tone and audio systems. Ken Sander gets revved up and takes in a JVC Jazz Festival. Wendell Diller of Magnepan asks: how can manufacturers connect with customers in today’s world? Our audio/visual department rounds out the issue with cheap entertainment, critical listening from Peter Xeni, a little traveling music from James Whitworth and a prickly Parting Shot.

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