Welcome to Copper #50! It's hard to believe we've reached our 50th issue---and thanks to all of you for supporting us, and helping us to reach this milestone. Even more unbelievable is the fact that issue #53 will mark two years for the mag! Tempus fugit, indeed!

    The first installment in our series on cables by Galen Gareis with Gautam Raja concludes with part 3 of Time is of the Essence; and we have the second part of  John Seetoo's interview  with Tom Fineson of Robert Fine and Wilma Cozart Fine, and a  recording/mastering/archival engineer in his own right.

    The gang's all here: Larry Schenbeck looks at and listens to voicesDan Schwartz looks at electronic guitarsRichard Murison examines the peculiar case of "The Japanese Beethoven"Jay Jay French concludes the ‘67 Psychedelic Shootout with a winnerDuncan Taylor records guitar phenom Grayson Erhard (and you really need to see and hear this kid play!); Roy Hall remembers great jazz artists heard in his NYC neighborhood; Anne E. Johnson brings us the intriguing Kenyan group, Yellow Light Machine ; Woody Woodward looks at the amazing legacy of Muscle Shoals producer Rick Hall;  and I take a maybe-last trip to CES, and look at a big batch of old Stereophile magazines.

    Anne also contributes Something Old/Something New, with a survey of  recent recordings of Mozart Chamber Music; and Industry News welcomes Qobuz to the US, and regards the return of Circuit City with a head well-shaken, not stirred..

    Copper #50 concludes with another classic audio cartoon from Charles Rodrigues, and a striking Parting Shot from Paul McGowan

    We hope you're still keeping your New Year's resolutions---especially if one of them is to read every issue of Copper. See you next issue!

    Cheers, Leebs.

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