Opening Salvo

    The More the Merrier

    Issue 25

    Neither rain nor snow nor CES crud nor car crashes stays these Copper couriers from the swift completion of their deadlines….

    Let’s just say 2017 started with a bang. Literally.

    NONETHELESS!—here we are. Copper #25 opens with yet another new feature, Industry News. I tend to think that the business aspects of the audio industry are every bit as interesting as the technical bits; I guess we’ll see if readers agree. Dan Schwartz writes about rising star Courtney Hartman; Professor Schenbeck continues his series on musical elements with Melody;  Richard Murison writes about the hard journey to hard drives; Duncan Taylor brings a live performance from Jaden Carlson; our friend Jan Montana is back with a tale of those times when Memorex beats live; Jim Smith writes about why vinyl playback is rarely all that it could be; I take a look back at CES  and why Quad ESLs will live forever. We wrap with another reader system, and an image from Publisher Paul McGowan.

    Let’s hope the next few weeks are less trying—and we’ll be back with our friend WL Woodward and  (after a few delays) the wrap-up on our DIY Phono Stage!

    Cheers, Leebs.

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